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Weekly Menu Plan – Whole30 Week #2

Well, I am now on day #8 of my Whole30 Challenge. I’ve done ok with a few slips here and there. I have to say the dairy is killing me and not being able to have my daily glass of wine is hard. I did have 2 glasses of wine on Thursday and Saturday because our day ended up being so crazy my husband ordered pizza and god awful cheese fries plus a salad for me. Yes, I took some cheese fries but the pizza stayed in the box.

So how has a week of no dairy, alcohol, grains and sugar treated my body. I know you are not suppose to jump on the scale but I did and I’ve lost 3 lbs. Bloating is almost gone and I do feel like I have a lot more energy during the day but the evenings are when I crash. For the first 2 days I had MAJOR headaches which were not fun but other than that I like the way my body is feeling. So now we are on Week #2 of my Whole Food Challenge and I am ready for it. I purchased The Whole30 Book – It Starts With Food and the FREE Whole30 50 recipe book  which has helped me find recipes for me and that would work for family dinners. Bring on Whole30 Week #2!

Real Food Whole30 Menu Plan Week 2

Weekly Menu Plan – Whole30 Week #2

Monday: We never got to our Sausage with Peppers and Onions last week so it’s on the menu for tonight. Which is perfect because we have a Lacrosse practice and baseball game. I can throw everything in the crock pot and the boys so it’s ready when we want to eat. The boys will make sandwiches and I will just leave out the bread.

Tuesday: We loved the Salmon from last week and now that the weather is nicer we can grill. I found these great Paleo Salmon recipes on Paleo Grub so we are trying the Mustard and Dill Crusted Salmon served with salad.

Wednesday: Chicken with Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Pasta (no pasta for me)

Thursday: Never got to this recipe either last week – determined to make it happen. BLT Sandwiches and Butternut Squash Soup – I will just make my BLT in a lettuce wrap and have the soup minus the goat cheese

Friday: I am hosting a Essential Oil Make & Take DIY Class so it will be leftover night for the boys.

Saturday: I have a friend coming into the town so I will be heading out for the evening, this will be a touch one for me. Not really the food but wine. I am sure my hubs will order take out…thank god I am not home!

Sunday: I will be teaching a cooking class late in the afternoon so I will prepare an assortment of beef, chicken, shrimp and veggie Kabobs that my hubby can grill for dinner. I love how it’s getting warmer out and lighter later so we can enjoy the evenings outside. YAY!

Just remember when you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with “life” a little organization goes a long way. Most of these meals can be prepared in less than 30 minutes and some can even be fully cooked within that time. If you are still looking for inspiration head over to my Menu PlansOn PinterestHead over and check out my Family Meals Board for more real food inspiration and become inspired over at  Org.Junkie.

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