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Ways to Keep Bugs Away Naturally when Camping

When weather is nice we spend a lot of time outdoors. We love hanging in our backyard, going for picnics and camping, but we don’t like the bugs….who does? If only I had my own personal bat to hover over and catch all those nasty bugs that love to make our good time into a bad time within minutes.

Recently my family went on a weekend camping trip. One thing you can almost always count on when camping is bugs! I don’t think there is anyway around it, there will be nats, mesquites and other flying bugs trying to ruin your good time. Besides doing the obvious – spraying bug spray, there are other ways to keep those nasty nuances away.

Lemon and limes with cloves - natural insect repellent – on plates

Ways to Keep Bugs Away Naturally when Camping

Citrus – Mosquitoes can be a real problem when camping. Try slicing lemons and limes then placing cloves in the center for this all natural repellent.

Vinegar – This is easy and very cost effective. Put straight vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the outside of your tent. Many insects find this overpowering. Many humans too, so don’t go overboard!

Onions – Say what!? Not sure I would do this but it works. Rub a bit of onion juice on any exposed areas of skin. Bugs cannot stand the smell of onions which makes for a great natural repellent if you can stand the smell yourself.

No Scented Products – Forget the perfumes, scented shampoos, deodorants and hair products since they all attract insects. Plus, no one needs those items when camping away…unless your Glaming! LOL

Garlic – Take a garlic capsule. This is pretty easy one and it takes up the least amount of space. By doing this, it will cause a scent of garlic to be secreted through your pores which acts as a natural repellent.

Clean Campsite – Always keep a clean campsite to avoid insects and other nasty larger animals.

Stay Hydrated – Insects are attracted to sweaty heated skin and if you keep drinking cool water you will keep your body cooler which will help keep those bugs away.

Bug Trap

Eco-Friendly Traps – I suggest trying out the new eco-friendly OrnamenTrap by Rescue. I recently was able to try out this garden accessory when we were camping this summer. I have to say, it worked well and caught a ton of nats and flies which were a huge issue while camping because we have had so much rain lately.

If you know me personally, you know that I love to make even my camping site stylish with outdoor rugs, tablecloths and coffee tables so this decorative pest control system was just up my alley and fit right into my camping decor. The filigree design and metallic plastic are crafted to resemble weathered cast copper which complements all backyard styles and patio decor.

The OrnamenTrap has a non toxic pest control solution and it’s also American made! You can get a trap that attracts yellow jackets or flies and each one will last about 2 weeks. You can easily find them at Home Depot, Walmart or Amazon – you can even purchase refills too.

*** I was given a OrnamenTrap to try by the Garden Media Group. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Stephanie August 5, 2014 at 10:55 am #

    Thank you for these great options! I never heard of that citrus trick before – I’ll have to try that one!

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