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Fizzy Bunny Easter Mimosa

I love brunch anytime of the year but a Spring brunch is my favorite. There is nothing better than gathering your friends and family together to celebrate the season of warmer weather and the rebirth of nature. Brunch is the best of both worlds, you can create a menu of your favorite sweet and savory […]

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Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

If you celebrate Easter, I am sure you’ve been thinking about Easter baskets and doing a Easter egg hunt with those little ones. Throughout the years I’ve found several ways to create Easter baskets for my boys that they can enjoy far after Easter ends. If we do candy it’s organic and or fair trade […]

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Healthy Chocolate Cupcakes for Class Parties

If you have a child old enough for preschool or elementary school you have experienced a school party. Most schools have about 7 parties which include – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holiday, Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Party and finishing it off with the end of the year party. Now lets throw in everyone’s birthday and if […]

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Paying it Forward this Holiday Season

Can you feel it?  This time of year there seems to be a little extra magic in the air, people seem to smile more, have longer conversations with people they don’t know, hold doors open and find ways to do more kind things for people.  People they may know or they may not.  Its the […]

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Holiday Gift Guide for Families

Are you still shopping? I have a small amount to finish up and this year I’ve done 99% of my buying online. Amazon Prime has made my life so much easier. Trust me, the $100 fee pays for itself during the holidays when you are having shipments delivered every other day. As a family we […]

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Cookies In A Jar Gift Ideas

With 2 boys in school we have a lot of teachers to purchase for during the holidays. I like to have the boys help me in the gift giving process because essentially these gifts are from them. In the past we have made homemade breads, cookies and treats, went to Nursery’s and picked out plants, made […]

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