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Applesauce Muffins

My boys LOVE snacks. Every afternoon when the boys come home and the first they do is grab something to eat. I have a container full of healthy choices and always offer fresh fruit but sometimes they get bored of my selections. It’s always nice to have many different things on hand so your little […]

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Pumpkin Parfaits – Cooking with Kids!

As you know I am pretty obsessed with anything pumpkin. I use it throughout the whole year, not just the fall. I love adding it to oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, yogurt, and even the egg mixture to french toast. The possibilities are endless, especially when you want to cook with kids. One of the easiest after […]

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Applesauce Making with Kids

There is something to be said about making something yourself. Kids take ownership of the item they cook or bake. Therefore, children will try foods they normally wouldn’t touch because they made it with their own hands. One of the easiest things I’ve found to make with kids is applesauce. I’ve done it with my […]

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Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

Has your summer started yet? My boys have 3 days left of school and let me tell you….they are counting the minutes! Our summer is pretty easy going. The kids do a few camps, we travel a ton doing road and day trips but most of all they just love being home. Some days we […]

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Raw Snacks for On the Go

Well the day is almost here, #the3day walk that I’ve been “training” for. I use that word loosely because yes I’ve trained but I certainly didn’t follow the suggested training schedule. Now…..I AM SCARED! I’ve done some long walks 11 and 14 miles and normally I do 6-8 miles  (which BTW doesn’t even seem long […]

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Healthy Lunchbox Ideas #RocktheLunchbox

Ugh…I seriously cannot believe school is less than 2 weeks away. Where has the summer gone? This realization has forced me to get into the “Back To School” mode which has also gotten me thinking about healthy lunches and snacks for my boys. We pack lunches almost daily, and I want to fill their lunchboxes […]

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