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15 Vegetables to Plant in March

  Even though it doesn’t seem like the planting season in the Philadelphia area or other places in the Northeast – it is and some seeds can even be planted now outdoors. You can easily gets organic seeds from many places locally and online at one of my new favorite places – Grow Organic. These […]

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Fall Garden Party Ideas

A few weeks ago I hosted a Fall Garden Party. The Fall Garden Party is to celebrate fall and to replenish the earth for spring. I wanted to not only encourage myself to become more active in the garden in the fall but I was encouraging others to plan ahead for a beautiful spring garden. […]

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Homemade Sauerkraut Recipe

This year in my garden I may have had issues getting zucchini and tomatoes but my cabbage thrived. I have beautiful heads of cabbage – and I wondered what in the world should I do with these? There is only so much coleslaw one person can make. Growing up in a polish family I grew […]

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Summer Roasted Tomatoes

I have to say my garden this summer hasn’t produced much and my tomatoes have seen the biggest hit from this wacky summer weather. I’ve managed to get enough tomatoes to roast some for a Mushroom Leek Lasagna I made last week. This is a easy recipe that you can use for many things, including […]

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Gardening with Kids

I am really looking forward to this weekend. I’ve been traveling so much that it will be nice to be home with my family. Gardening season is upon us and we will spend a good part of the weekend getting our garden ready. We make this a family event. Together we clean out the garden, […]

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Planting Peas in Spring

One of the first things you can start planting in the spring is peas. This hardy vegetable is a favorite of adults and children and can be picked and eaten right from the vine. Peas are easy to grow and like a lot of sun, they like about 6 hours of full sun each day….pretty […]

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Planting and Harvesting Lettuce

I have to say that lettuce is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. I’ve started from seed and also plants and both grow equally as well. I’ve grown mostly Romain and Spring Mix but there are so many others you can choose from such as;  Butterheads, Bibb, or even the most kind, iceberg. PLANTING […]

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Rhubarb – Mixed Berry Dessert Sauce

 If you follow me you know I love Rhubarb! I grow in my garden and have plenty for myself as well as others throughout the growing season. I am constantly looking for new ways to use this midwest favorite. This new sauce I created is by far the best thing I’ve made to date using […]

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Growing Celery in Water

I’ve prepared my garden and soil/compost mix is being delivered tomorrow so I am in high gear to start planting some veggies and herbs this weekend. One of the things I like to plant is celery but it’s too late for me to start from seed and I’d like to know where my plants come […]

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Freezing Corn on the Cob

This year was the first year that I planted corn. Corn on the Cobb is one of my favorite summer vegetables and I’ve now turned my sons into huge fans as well. At the beginning of our planting season my boys and I design what vegetables we will grow this year and corn was one […]

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