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Homemade Apple Cider

Once the cool weather arrives I am all about backyard fires, comfort food and sipping on apple cider. At least a few times during the fall we make big batches of apple cider, big crock pot full of chili and invite a few friends over for a bonfire. Normally I’d buy already made apple cider […]

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Fizzy Bunny Easter Mimosa

I love brunch anytime of the year but a Spring brunch is my favorite. There is nothing better than gathering your friends and family together to celebrate the season of warmer weather and the rebirth of nature. Brunch is the best of both worlds, you can create a menu of your favorite sweet and savory […]

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Homemade Lemonade with Fresh Mint

With the raging heat who wouldn’t like a nice glass of homemade lemonade? Store bought lemonade can be so sweet and also have added ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, cornstarch, glycerol ester of rosin and aspartame – YUCK! No one should want in their bodies.  So take 20 minutes and make a huge jug […]

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Banana Kefir Smoothie

When you have mornings that you are running behind it’s easy to just pass by breakfast or give your children something not that healthy. When you have only a short amount of time in the morning try making a smoothie to take on the go.  I’ve used regular Kefir in the past but never raw, […]

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Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe

As a child the thing I enjoyed most after playing in the snow was coming inside and enjoying a nice cup of Hot Chocolate…not much as changed since then. I still LOVE a nice cup of Hot Chocolate and so do my kids. One of things that I have noticed is all the unwanted ingredients […]

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Papaya Banana Smoothie

I love smoothies because you can use almost any fruit or vegetable that you have on hand to make something delicious and nutritious. I didn’t want to head out to the grocery store so I looked for ingredients I already had in the house. When bananas start to get too ripe I throw them in the freezer to […]

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