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Amaranth Grain for Babies

When you begin feeding your baby solids we tend to stick with veggies and fruit purees but continue to go with the commercial brand baby cereals. Making your own whole grain cereals are easy to make and so much less expensive than purchasing. One of my favorite grains for babies and beyond is Amaranth. The amaranth […]

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10 Best Finger Foods for Babies

When your baby begins to show interest in the foods you are eating at about 7-8 months you know it’s time to introduce appropriate finger foods that they can eat by themselves. At the same time babies are developing the ability to pick up objects with their thumb and pointer finger  (the pincer grasp). When […]

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Bring Our Girls Back!

Unless your head is stuck in the sand then you should of heard of this horrible incident that happened on April 14, 2014.  Armed men came into the dormitory of the Government Girls Secondary school in northeastern Nigeria. These men were dressed as military, told the girls they were in danger and to they would […]

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REAL FOOD Menu Plan 4.13.14

It’s Spring Break so the boys and I have plans to hit the road a few days this week and head to Washington DC and New York City so our REAL FOOD Menu Plan will be altered just a bit because of traveling. I also asked every family member to choose one meal that they […]

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