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Diffusing Essential Oils for Kids

We are huge fans of diffusing essential oils. It’s one of the easiest ways to use them and experience the amazing power of the oils with minimal effort. We have 3 in our house, one for downstairs living area and 2 of our bedrooms. My favorite times to diffuse are during homework time and at […]

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DIY Wood Floor Cleaner & Polish

We have all hardwood floors throughout our house except for our kitchen and basement. I’ve use many different cleaners throughout the years, some eco-friendly and others not so much. As I’ve cleaned out the nasty products from our home I’ve discovered ways that I can make my own cleaning products with ingredients that I have […]

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Winter Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils

Even though winter has been pretty mild this year my hands are still feeling it. I’ve always suffered from dry hands in the winter, sometimes so bad that I end up with cuts, and boy they hurt. I got tired of spending a bunch of money on different lotions and scrubs to help my dry […]

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10 Best Essential Oil Recipes for the Diffuser

One of my favorite things about using essential oils is that I can diffuse them. Instead of candles I now diffuse. Yes, I use the diffuser just to make our house smell nice but there are so many health benefits when using a diffuser. Essential oils can be dispersed in one room or throughout the […]

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5 Uses for Pumpkins

I have something to admit, I am a pumpkin addict. I love all things pumpkin, so much so that I spent 30 minutes in Trader Joes this week searching for all their pumpkin goodies. I was on a mission people, I actually had to laugh at myself when I looked at my cart. If only […]

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A Day in the Life of an Essential Oiler

 Anyone that reads my website, goes to one of my cooking classes or knows me IRL can tell you that I am constantly looking for ways to keep my family healthy. We’ve been eating mostly organically grown, non genetically modified foods and using non-toxic cleaning products that will keep our bodies healthy and home safe from […]

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