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Mini Chocolate Mousse Trifles

I hosted a kids cooking party over the weekend and I had some leftover mini chocolate cakes and fresh strawberries that I wanted to do something fun with. I easily could of sliced and topped with ice cream but I wanted to try something different. Mini desserts are the rage right now. I personally love […]

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Apple Pie Taquitos

It’s President’s Day weekend and it’s FREEZING here in the Philadelphia area. The temperatures haven’t gotten out of the teens in 2 days so we have been taking it easy at home. Honestly we’ve spent a lot of time in our PJ’s which is fine by me. One of the things we like to do […]

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Healthy Chocolate Cupcakes for Class Parties

If you have a child old enough for preschool or elementary school you have experienced a school party. Most schools have about 7 parties which include – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holiday, Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Party and finishing it off with the end of the year party. Now lets throw in everyone’s birthday and if […]

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Dark Chocolate Eggnog Truffles

10 Fabulous bloggers have gathered together to stock you up with real food cookie recipes for your holiday season in a #RealCookieSwap! Whether you’re hosting or attending a cookie swap or headed out to a party, bring with you some special treats that not only taste amazing but use unrefined ingredients as well. Of all of […]

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Healthy Rice Crispy Treat Recipe

My kids love treats, and is constantly wanting to know “what’s for dessert?” I don’t want to deny my kids of treats but I don’t want to give them processed toxic filled foods either. So, I look for the best possible options on the market or make something myself. A favorite treat of kids is […]

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#LivingNowFoods 30 Day Gluten Free Challenge – Week 2

I’ve completed my 2nd full week of the 30 day Gluten Free Challenge hosted by Mamavation and Now Foods. During my first week I focused more on sweets and breakfast foods. This week it was more about dinners expect for this weekend when I made the most delicious gluten free peanut butter cheesecake brownies. OMG […]

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