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Apricots for Babies and Beyond

Apricots is one of my favorite foods to make for babies and even older children. The sweetness of the apricot works well with grains, plain yogurt (for babies over 6 months) chicken for toddlers and above, the possibilities are endless. When blending apricots I choose to use dried organic apricots and re-hydrate them using boiling water. The reason why I do […]

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Picky Eater Tips

Got a Picky Eater on your hands? This is one of the best pieces of advice I can give you, and I promise you will see results! Special thanks goes out to Her Channel, Dad Labs and the MOM 2.0 Conference for giving me great tips and suggestions on video making so I can continue to make helpful videos for […]

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Beets for Babies

As an adult I began roasting beets with red onion which is perfect with a salad. You can even saute the greens and use them as the salad greens and mix in a little bit of feta or goat cheese and you are all set. Did you know that beets are great for babies too? Beet greens […]

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