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Stretching Before & After Workouts – Is It Important?

Cross country racer stretching on top of a hill and enjoying sunset sea view
When exercising we think that stretching is a MUST DO but these facts may surprise you…they did me! Stretching Before & After Workouts – Is It Important? It’s true that stretching improves flexibility but it doesn’t reduce sore muscles. There are many benefits to stretching but reducing muscle soreness is not one of them. Now you might think…why bother, well here are the benefits of stretching.

* Stretching after exercise increases muscle flexibility and reduces tension

* Helps you keep correct posture by lengthening tight muscles

* Increases blood and nutrients to the muscles

* Calms the mind which provides a mental break and gives your body a chance to recharge after a workout

When stretching make sure your muscles are warm. Start walking or a slow jog then stop and stretch before fully working out. You can also stretch after that long walk or run because your muscles are already warm.

Stretch certain parts of your body after each workout. Focus on that one key area of your body that really needs it instead of every muscle.

If you can, do either Yoga or Pilates once a week or create your own in home flexibility workout which will not only increase flexibility but also strengthen your body as well which will help when doing those long walks or runs.

I hope these tips will help you whether you are training for the next race or one of the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walks. What tips do you have for those wanting to stay healthy and fit? Join the conversation by leaving a comment or link up your health and wellness post to inspire others. Please follow along every week for #WellnessWednesday posts using the hashtag #Bloggers4Boobs

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