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Stonyfield OP Protein Smoothies – Perfect for ON THE GO!

We are huge fans of smoothies in our house. I make smoothies and healthy shakes almost daily, plus it’s a great way to get nutritious foods into my boys because they can be picky! One of my favorite ways to make smoothies smooth and creamy is by adding yogurt, my favorite is Stonyfield Greek. You know exactly what you are getting when purchasing Stonyfield products which makes me VERY HAPPY!

Smoothie Shake

So while I LOVE to make my smoothies, I don’t always have time. We also travel a lot which makes it kind of hard to take homemade smoothies with us. I am over the moon in love Stonyfield’s newest product – OP Protein Smoothies. Not only are they great for the kiddos but for the whole family. These smoothies have gotten me through my workouts and when we have to be at a Lacrosse game at 8:00AM. No one wants to be making breakfast that early in the morning on the weekend, so we packed them to go and drink them on the way along with a homemade granola bar. The OP Smoothies are organic, gluten free with no artificial sweeteners. They come in 3 flavors, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate and have a whooping 15 grams of protein.

Stonyfield OP Smoothies

You may have noticed these OP Smoothies in your local grocery store or at Whole Foods. Give them a try and come back and tell me which one is your favorite. What are some ways you get nutritious foods into your kids bodies during those early more sports games or when traveling?

***As a Stonyfield Blogger I was given Stonyfield OP Protein Smoothies. All my opinions are my own and I’ve been a Stonyfield lover long before my blogging days….these are mom and kid approved!




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