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St. Patrick’s Day Fashion

St Patrick LogoSt. Patrick’s Day is one of our favorite holidays. I guess with a last name like “O’Boyle” it should be right? For years when living in Delray Beach we would celebrate by doing a fun outdoor brunch and travel downtown for the annual parade. Weeks before hand I would start not only prepare my brunch menu but also what I would wear for a fun day out. When living in an area that was warm and sunny pretty much all the time the possibilities were endless.

Those sunny south Florida days are over (for us anyway) since we now live in Philadelphia where the parade still happens but it’s much colder. Whether you are in a warm or cold area celebrating St. Patrick’s Day you don’t want to stand out like this…..


My favorite thing about this outfit is the shoes, they are so fun! Found on Polyvore
I just love white and green together. Now this isn’t something I’d wear to a parade but for a night time outing would be fun. Photo credit Lislyn by Polyvore
I love the back of this dress! Now I would wear this with a nice pair of linen white pants but if I had legs like that I may reconsider! photo credit:breakfastatyurmans


Perfect for a day out at the local Irish Pub or at a St. Patrick’s Day parade. I love the handbag and also pairing it with TOMS shoes. Photo credit: Polyvore

This is a fashion statement for sure! I love those pants and even though you have a graphic tee it’s not tacky because it’s tailored and paired with other items that are VERY stylish. You are mixing traditional with the sweater and funky with those pants and boots. Photo Credit: Polyvore

This scarf can be worn with a plain white tee or fitted white blouse with jeans, black boots and black leather fitted coat. Photo credit: Etsy

Do you have anything favorite to wear on St. Patrick’s Day? When shopping for holiday pieces make sure you can wear them at other times of the year, if you can’t don’t spend a lot of money on those items because chances are you are not going to want to wear them again next season. For more style inspirations head to my Style Favorites Pinterest Board.


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