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Revolutionary Optimists Documentary

 I was given the opportunity by Shot@Life to attend the premier of Revolutionary Optimists  in New York City at theUNIFEC Headquarters.  Revolutionary Optimists is a movie about Children saving lives in the slums of Kolkata India. Amlan Ganguly empowers children to become change agents, battling poverty and transforming their neighborhoods with dramatic results. Revolutionary Optimists follows Amlan and three of the children he works with on a journey through adolescence as they flight for a better future. 

Salim and Sikha 
At the premier we had the opportunity to hear from Amlan and two of the children Salim and Sikha of how they felt about the movie and what others can take from it to help their own communities. I was not only fortunate to hear them speak but I was able to bring my son along to the premier. I wanted my son to see a movie and meet individuals as young as 11 years old who have struggled with no access to clean drinking water, forced labor inside a brick kiln, lack of access to preventable disease vaccines and how girls as young as 12 years old were getting married.
Amlan a former lawyer starts an organization called Prayasam which helps children feel empowered to meet the challenges and opportunities that the future will bring. Prayasam envisions a society where all children grow up to be productive, caring citizens of society. Amlan has done that for the children in Revolutionary Optimists. Salim and Sikha worked together to get people in their community vaccinated against polio, advocated at India’s Parliament for clean drinking water and even made a dump into a soccer field so all children had somewhere to play.

My goal was to educated my own son that with hard work and determination you can do anything, even when you don’t have a lot to begin with. I feel this is a perfect movie to empower parents to educate their own children about global health and social issues. Children are NEVER too young to help others and make a difference in their own communities. They just need the guidance and tools to do so. 

So lets empower our own children to help others and become leaders instead of followers. To learn more about movie screening and ways to get involved head to the Revolutionary Optimists website


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