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REAL FOOD Menu Plan 12.12.16

December is flying by and it seems crazier than usual. Lots of activities for the kids especially my oldest. He is a cadet with the Philadelphia Boys Choir and was chosen to sing with the boys at several Nutcracker performances throughout the holidays. This is in addition to their normal holiday concert schedule. Then you throw in winter concerts for both boys, winter sports and holiday parties we barely have time at home so family dinners have been challenging.

REAL FOOD Menu Plan - Helping Busy Families Be Healthier

I need to be extra organized throughout this crazy time so I make sure we are eating semi-healthy even when we need to make dinners to go. This week I’m making a few old favorites and trying a few new recipes that I hope my boys love. One thing that I always keep in mind is leftovers. Will I have enough to freeze extras for another meal. By doing this you are preparing a meal once but eating it twice. Saves you time that day and also money at the grocery store. This week 3 of my meals lend themselves nicely to freezing. For me the key to menu planning is always to think ahead.

REAL FOOD Menu Plan – Helping Busy Families Be Healthier

Monday: Chicken and Mushroom casserole. This is a easy dish to throw together and we have enough leftover for a 2nd meal.

Tuesday: The boys have requested “Taco Tuesday” one loves soft shell the other hard so we are going to mix it up. I can also make a taco salad for a healthier option. TIP: Make a double batch and freeze the extras for another meal.

Wednesday: Winter concert for my youngest. Easy dinner of Grilled cheese and tomato soup. I have a big batch of homemade tomato soup in the freezer so all I need to do is defrost, heat and serve.

Thursday: My favorite night…LEFTOVER NIGHT!

Friday: Hallelujah!! We have Nothing on the calendar. Instead of ordering Chinese take out I’m making it at home. I found lots of recipes to give me inspiration but thinking some sort of chicken dish will be best for our whole family.

Saturday: We have a 50th birthday party to attend so the boys are on their own with the babysitter. I’m assuming take out pizza will be on the menu.

Sunday: Sunday is a busy day for my oldest. He has a Nutcracker performance and holiday concert so my husband is on travel duty with him. Thankfully I can stay home and get things done and also have time to cook a proper dinner. We will have a roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and winter vegetables. I bought a extra large chicken so we could use the leftover meat for another meal or chicken salad sandwiches.

REAL FOOD Menu Plan - Helping Busy Families Be HealthierPhoto Credit: Damn Delicious 

So that’s my menu plan for this week…hope it’s inspired you to think outside the box when feeding your family. Just remember when you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with “life” a little organization goes a long way.  If you are still looking for inspiration head over to my Menu Plans. On Pinterest? Check out my Family Meals Board for more real food inspiration and become inspired over at Org.Junkie.


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