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REAL FOOD Menu Plan for Busy Families

I normally post my menu plan on Monday but life got in the way and it just didn’t happen. I was knee deep in Christmas decorating this weekend and I honestly didn’t even think about dinner. Thankfully my husband took over and ordered take out so I didn’t have to worry about it.  Now, it would of been nice if he made dinner but heck I am not complaining. Anytime someone else is taking care of dinner I’m happy.

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Holidays are tough. Lots going on and I am constantly loosing track of time, does this sound familiar? This time of year (for me) getting healthy meals on the table becomes more and more challenging. Hoping that this week is better because once holiday break starts and my kids and husband are home it’s going to be very loosey goosey around here. But, I am happy to say that my decorating is COMPLETE! Whew!!

REAL FOOD Menu Plan for Busy Families 

Monday: Since we had Chinese last night and you always get so much we had those leftovers tonight.

Tuesday: The weather has been amazing which makes it easier to grill foods. Grilling up salmon and serving it with grilled asparagus and risotto.

Wednesday: Everyone loved salad night last week so we are making Taco Salad with grilled chicken

Thursday: We still have ground venison in the freezer and I am trying to figure out new ways to use it. I found this homemade “healthy” Hamburger Helper that I am going try out. We can freeze the extras for another busy night.

Friday: Opening night for STAR WARS and we’ve had our tickets for weeks. Heading to dinner then movies.

Saturday: Getting together with friends so the kitchen is closed.

Sunday: Making venison roast with mashed potatoes and roasted veggies.  Still searching for a roast recipe, since it’s game meat you need to cook it a bit differently than you would a traditional beef roast. Got any good recipes? I’d love some ideas.

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So that’s my menu plan for this week…hope it’s inspired you to think outside the box when feeding your family. Just remember when you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with “life” a little organization goes a long way. Most of these meals can be prepared in less than 30 minutes and some can even be fully cooked within that time. If you are still looking for inspiration head over to my Menu PlansOn Pinterest? Head over and check out my Family Meals Board for more real food inspiration and become inspired over at Org.Junkie



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  1. Heather December 17, 2015 at 3:43 pm #

    Secretly jealous on the Star Wars tickets! Enjoy!!!!!

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