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REAL FOOD Menu Plan 10.12.15

This week I am trying to save my pennies. I want to use as much food that I already have on hand which means digging deep in my pantry and freezer. I always try and stay $150 or under each week and I truly believe because of menu planning and using the foods I have on hand makes me achieve that goal. I still have some veggies from the garden that I want to use up which will save me on buying those from the store. I also have some frozen meat that I can use instead of purchasing new. I feel that meat and fresh fruits and veggies are the biggest expense for me. What about you, what do you spend most of your money on when grocery shopping weekly?

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REAL FOOD Menu Plan 10.12.15

Monday: We had chili on Saturday so I am using some of the leftovers to make chili nachos with lots of fresh tomatoes, avocado and lettuce on top. This is also a great way to get the kiddos to eat their veggies. Make a nacho bar so they can add all the ingredients to their own nachos but make a rule that they need to use at least 2 types of veggies.

Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner! Waffles with fresh fruit and bacon

Wednesday: Can you believe that I am still getting zucchini from the garden? Crazy season, but I’m liking it! Trying this new chicken and zucchini casserole using stuffing from Trader Joes and organic cream of chicken soup 

Thursday: I have tuna and egg noodles in the pantry….wondering what I am going to make? You’ve guessed it…Tuna Noodle Casserole. Trying this healthier version and have high hopes my crew likes it.

Friday: My MIL is coming into town and staying with us for the night. I’d like to make something nice for her so we will have roasted chicken and root vegetables (brussel sprouts from the garden)- hope she likes it.

Saturday: Hoping for an awesome day of working the yard or maybe go apple picking since we never got a chance to do that yet…whatever we do it will be a full day so I will not have time to prepare dinner. So, guess what? It’s a leftover night! Want to save money weekly? Always have a leftover night. If the boys don’t like anything in the fridge then they can make themselves a PBJ sandwich.

Sunday: We have a late afternoon baseball game so I can almost bet we will order out once we get home or everyone on the team will pitch in for pizza.

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 Photo Credit: Renee’s Kitchen Adventures 

So that’s my menu plan for this week…hope it’s inspired you to think outside the box when feeding your family. Just remember when you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with “life” a little organization goes a long way. Most of these meals can be prepared in less than 30 minutes and some can even be fully cooked within that time. If you are still looking for inspiration head over to my Menu PlansOn Pinterest? Head over and check out my Family Meals Board for more real food inspiration and become inspired over at Org.Junkie.


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