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Raw Snacks for On the Go

Grab and Go Raw SnacksWell the day is almost here, #the3day walk that I’ve been “training” for. I use that word loosely because yes I’ve trained but I certainly didn’t follow the suggested training schedule. Now…..I AM SCARED! I’ve done some long walks 11 and 14 miles and normally I do 6-8 miles  (which BTW doesn’t even seem long anymore). One thing I’ve noticed is that I need some sort of energy boost during these long walks, we all know that we need to drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods before and after a long workout – but also during. Have you ever heard of Doctor in the Kitchen? No?! Well, you need too! These snacks have saved me, especially during yesterday’s 8 miles in 90 degree weather.

These raw snacks for on the go and really whenever are made by Doctor in the Kitchen – AKA Dr. Alison Levitt MD. These crackers and seed snacks are gluten free, of course – raw, vegan, nut free (which is great for people with allergies) high in fiber, protein and Omega 3’s, made with organic non gmo ingredients. You can purchase the Flackers which is a sprouted flax seed cracker which are great for before or after a long workout served with peanut butter, cream cheese whatever. Or, the Seedsters which are like little nuggets you can just pop in your mouth. These were great because I just took some, placed them in a little reusable baggie and tucked them in my fanny pack – YES, I said fanny pack. I seriously feel like a 60 year old lady in Disney with one of those on…but I can carry a little towel, water, holds my phone and of course those Seedsters. I wonder what you would need if you walked 20 miles for 3 days…huh?


So during my walk, I was felt like I was dragging so I popped some of those in my mouth and kept on going. Gave me lots of NATURAL energy to help me mustard through those last 3 miles. OK, enough about my needs…now these Flackers and Seedsters are also great for kids. They can eat them as a snack or what I love…during practice. I love knowing that I am giving my families foods that are healthy and good.

If you want to learn more about Flackers and Seedsters head to the Doctor in the Kitchen website and check them out on social media. Now, you want to purchase one of these snacks online you can get 20% by using the code OBOYORGANIC – YAY!

Disclosure – I was asked to review the Doctor in the Kitchen products and was given products for the review.  As always, all opinions are my own. 




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