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Personalizing the Holidays with Minted

Minted holiday stationaryI love the holidays. One of the ways I start my holiday season is by thinking of holiday cards and the photos that I will take of my family to fill those cards. At one point in my life I made my own holiday cards (before children) now I have someone else do the creative work for me.

You can spend a ton of money on holiday cards, but one way to save a bit of money is to go with postcards. You don’t have to worry about purchasing envelopes and postage is less expensive. You can always splurge a bit and send immediate family minibooks that gives you plenty of space to let your loved ones know the happenings of the year and show off the kids with plenty of pictures.


After I’ve chosen my holiday cards I move on gifts. One of the best ways to melt a grandparent’s heart is by giving them a personalized gift of their grandchildren. For years I’ve made photo calendars for the grandparents. After the year is over my parents would still keep the calendar up or cut out some of the photos and place them in frames. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

minted calendar


The holidays are a time when we give teachers gifts to show our appreciation. I have 2 children that are in elementary school, so the list can get quite long when you include the music, art, gym teachers along with their personal teachers. Instead of giving everyone $10 gift cards the kids and I spend time in the kitchen making lots of goodies that we can give to the school staff. I pay close attention to detail and love to stick to a theme. You may only spend $5 on a homemade food gift but if you wrap it uniquely and give it some personally it makes a huge statement. This year I found wrapping paper that you can personalize along with matching tags. This would make anyone go WOW!


I love the holidays, because it gives me the opportunity to entertain. I love throwing parties, and creating a theme party is so much fun. Whether it’s a cookie exchange, cocktail or dinner party you can personalize invitations to send out, create a menu card for the guests and even decorations that coordinates everything.

Minted wrapping


We are so rushed especially during the holidays and we’ve become a slave to the internet. Yes it’s convenient to go with online cards and invitations, but there is something to be said about receiving actual mail that isn’t a bill. Taking simple steps to make the holidays or life in general a bit more personal creates better connections between you and the ones you love.
How are you making this holiday season a bit more personal? If you need more inspiration on making the holidays unique check out my Holiday Stationery Pinterest Board. This season I’ve become inspired through Minted. I love the new styles they have and I have to say the personalized wrapping paper and matching tags pretty much sealed the deal for me. If you are concerned with the environment, minted does have recycled paper options for you to choose from.

Discloser: I was given a store credit by Minted for doing a review. I’ve used Minted in the past and will continue to use Minted for years to come because I love their creativity and uniqueness.

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