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Paleo REAL FOOD Menu Plan

Real food Menu Plan logoGosh, I am so far behind with my weekly menu plan. We had company in town this weekend for Mother’s Day and I spent the morning just catching up on cleaning, laundry and focusing on my “other” job. I made time to sit down and pick out some tasty meal plan options for this week from this new free Paleo cookbook that I have on my kindle – 40 Top Paleo Recipes – Quick and Easy Paleo Diet Recipes For Weight Loss 

I’ve been trying to do more paleo and gluten free meals to help me lose weight and just all around feel better. I’ve found that its so much easier than it seems to make the switch and the family has embraced it too. We have eased into the gluten free pasta without a hiccup, the kids nor my husband actually really didn’t even noticed the difference – YAY! Now, I can’t say we are totally gluten free or paleo eating family….actually far from it but creating these simple changes has made a huge differences.


Paleo Cookbook

Paleo REAL FOOD Menu Plan

Monday: My husband made a HUGE Mother’s Day Brunch so we have a TON of leftovers, so I am switching it up a bit and making our “Leftover” tonight and Meatless Monday on Thursday.

Tuesday:  Paleo – Lemon Pepper Chicken with Grilled Veggies – I will make some sort of grain for my kids

Wednesday: Paleo – Baked Lemon Tilapia served with Zucchini Noodles 

Thursday: Our Meatless meal is Gluten Free – Roasted Asparagus & Mushroom Pasta 

Friday: Headed to our friend’s house for dinner – BBQ

Saturday: Paleo – Italian Sausage Pizza with homemade Almond flour dough. Not sure how this will turn out, has anyone had a chance to make a almond pizza dough before?

Sunday: Paleo – Curry Chicken and Vegetable Stew (I can make this ahead of time and then keep it in the crock pot until dinner)

All the meals labeled Paleo are from the Free Paleo Cookbook that you can easily download to your tablet, phone or computer. What are some of your favorite Paleo or Gluten Free recipes that you serve to your family? Please leave a link to your favorite recipes and I will showcase them in upcoming menu plans.

*** The Free Paleo Cookbook is an affiliate link 

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