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Museum Day Live! September 27, 2014

museum-dayOne thing I love to do with my boys is take them to as many museums as possible. We live in the Philadelphia area and only 2 hours from Washington DC and an hour from NYC so we have some amazing opportunities to experience some of the best museums in the world. Most DC museums are free but all others could cost a pretty penny for a family of four. When I learned about Museum Day Live hosted by the Smithsonian, I got so excited.  My boys are so fortunate to have had many opportunities to explore many museums multiple times and continue to love it, there are so many families that don’t have those same opportunities so dedicating one day for FREE ADMISSION is pretty cool and gives children a fun way to learn and explore.


So here is the deal for Museum Day Live! September 27, 2014…..

If you didn’t know already all the Smithsonian Museums offer free admission everyday. The Museum Day Live! event is hosted by Smithsonian magazine and participating museums across the country open their doors to anyone presenting a Museum Day Live! ticket for FREE.

So you need to head to the Smithsonian website and see which museums in your area are participating, then register to get your tickets. Don’t forget to do that, if you go without a ticket will NOT be able to get into the museum for free. So do something fun this weekend with the kiddos and check out a local museum. If you are still looking for some fun activities to do with the kiddos at home or on the road head over to my “Kids Activities” section on my website.


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