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#MomsNotLovinIt – MCD’S Stop Marketing to My Kid!

Anyone that knows me online and IRL knows that that I don’t feed my kids McDonalds. Not to say they have NEVER eaten there but as a family we try VERY hard to keep our choices as healthy as possible about 99% of the time.

I feel everyone is able to make their own decisions to either eat healthy or not but when fast food companies like McDonalds start marketing directly to children I have a major problem with it. Children are so impressionable. When you throw Ronald McDonald and other characters in their face, give them video games and have children campaigning directly for the company – what do you think the children are going to say? I WANT MCDONALDS!

Schools around the country are having fundraisers with McDonalds. School staff works at McDonalds for a few hours on a certain day and all the children at the school along with their parents are suppose to go to that local McDonald’s and purchase a meal so proceeds can go directly to their child’s school. It’s a GREAT idea but why McDonalds, why not do a local fundraiser with a local restaurant. By doing using a local guy – you are not only helping out your organization but also a local business not a zillion dollar company!

Did you know that your school can also get a free visit from Ronald McDonald (including food) so that he can teach children about giving back and charities? Sounds good doesn’t it? Well here is some fine print for you – This show is sponsored as an All-School Assembly. If all students DO NOT participate in the presentation a show fee may be charged to your school. So if you as a parent choose NOT to have your child participate, the school could be charged….nice huh?

Don’t get me wrong McDonalds has done some amazing things for charity with their money – but DON’T advertise as a healthy place to eat when your foods are filled with sodium, fat, sugar, unidentifiable ingredients, GMO’s and the list can go on and on. Its false advertising and I cannot express my concerns enough to all the parents out there that feed McDonalds to their children on a regular basis. We have a MAJOR issue with childhood diabetes and obesity in this country and when McDonalds advertise directly to children they are NOT helping the matter – they are making it worse.

McDonalds like many global corporations, works hard to create brand loyalty at a very young age by using characters like Ronald McDonald to create an emotional attachment in kids – kind of like Elmo or Curious George but they aren’t selling junk food to kids – McDonalds is doing that by placing advertisements in local libraries, schools and hospitals – exactly in front of children. They are not stupid – McDonalds know exactly what they are doing.

The McDonalds marketers have labeled parents as “GATEKEEPERS” because we are the problem. Parents want their children to make healthy choices and McDonalds want their food to be the #1 choice of a child and if they could get the “gatekeeper parents” out of the way the kids could get hooked.

Wondering how you can take a stand – First head over to the Corporate Accountability International’s Value [the] Meal campaign and then join the movement and let McDonalds know that their advertising for kids is WRONG by signing   with Moms Not Lovin It

On Twitter? Here is a sample tweet to help get the attention of McDonald’s – 
All I want for Mother’s Day is for McDonald’s to stop marketing junk food to my kids. #MomsNotLovinIt

Let’s work together in making our child’s future a bit healthier by educating others of what big corporate companies like McDonalds are doing to help promote bad eating habits, diabetes and obesity in our children. 


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