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Low Stress Dinners: Make Your Own Pizzas

It’s Friday night, and you are done! Done with the week, done making dinners, pretty much done with life. All you want to do is pour a big glass of wine. Ok, it might not be you, but it’s me……EVERY FRIDAY! Ok, who I am I kidding, I pour a big glass of wine every night. Seriously, who is with me? The last thing I want to do is make a big dinner after a long week. I’m not going to lie, we order pizza at least once a month (sometimes more), especially during spring sports. But, we have more fun making pizzas. It’s healthier and frankly my boys love homemade pizza more than take out.

Make your own pizza bar

Pizza making is a low stress dinner that you can throw together in minutes with the help of your mini chef. The whole family can help prep the toppings and everyone can fill their pizza dough with what they want. My only request is that the kids choose at least one vegetable.

Pizza Making cutting vegetables

Now that it’s warmer we planted herbs that the kids can cut themselves to put on their pizzas and soon they will be able to to pick their own vegetables from the garden. We place our herbs in window boxes on the deck which makes it much easier to get out there and snip as we are cooking dinner. Wondering why I am not snipping basil? Well, I think the animals love it because they have eaten all of it! So we used parsley and oregano.

Pizza Making herbs

You can easily make your own dough with just flour, water and yeast or purchase pre-made dough. If you don’t have dough you can even use tortilla shells, english muffins, bagels or pita bread as a crust. We divide the dough equally so each of us can make our own pizzas just the way we like them.

pizza making dough

After cutting all the veggies we place them into dishes along with our favorite cheeses and meats, if desired. This time around we kept ours meatless because that is what we had on hand. Some of our favorite meat toppings are uncured pepperoni and ham.

Pizza Making Cheese

You can prep everything before hand so all you need to do is take the toppings and dough out of the fridge and set up on the table or counter. Having a Pizza Bar is easy to throw together and perfect when entertaining or when throwing a birthday party. During warmer months you can even throw the pizzas on the grill. If you are going to use the oven set the temperature to 450 and bake for about 10-15 minutes. Remember every oven is different, so be mindful of the temperature and time when cooking. When using the grill we set it to about 350 or medium heat. Play around with it to see what works best for you.

Pizza making with kids

This is the pizza my son made, I love how he used all the veggies to make a face. A+ for creativity! Guess what…he ate all his vegetables, see what happens when they make dinner themselves? They tend to eat everything! Have you ever tried pizza making? What are some of your favorite pizza toppings?

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