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#LivingNowFoods Gluten Free 30 Day Challenge – Week 3

Gluten free 30 Day challenge week 3I seriously can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since we started the #LivingNowFoods Gluten Free 30 Day Challenge. In the last few weeks I’ve been able to try many new flours and grains. I’ve focused on dinners and breakfast ideas for my family which seem to be the trickiest meal times for us. With having 2 picky eaters it can be challenging to make sure everyone is eating healthy foods but loving what they are eating too.

Since eating more gluten free meals I’ve noticed some major changes in my own body such as less bloating, gas and more energy. I’ve been training for the Philadelphia 3 Day breast cancer walk and I need to have lots of energy to walk the amount of miles I need to get in throughout the week and I feel these changes in my diet has made a huge difference.

This week I made my first homemade ricotta gnocchi and used gluten free all purpose flour. It was super easy and best of all my kids loved it. We have had gnocchi before so they were familiar with the food but when making it homemade, you never know!


GLuten Free Ricotta Gnocchi


Next up was a breakfast favorite of mine that I put a new twist on. I’ve been making crock pot breakfast oats for ages which is also gluten free but this time around I added quinoa and amaranth grains for added nutrients. We all loved it except my husband. He took it to work and then emailed me later that day and asked what the hell was wrong with the oatmeal. Guess you can’t please everyone! LOL


Gluten Free Breakfast Grain Bake


I love making a batch of qunioa and using it in salads, topping it with yogurt or placing it in smoothies. This time around I added amaranth. Both grains have a ton of protein and fiber and when you eat a serving of amaranth you are getting 60% of your daily iron intake. I decided to make a protein grain smoothie using some of my favorite go to fruits and veggies.


Protein Grain SmoothieIf you would like more gluten free inspiration check out the foods I’ve made for week #1 and week #2 – all foods are made for families and all are picky eater approved! You can even WIN $100 worth of gluten free foods from Now Foods just by entering in the Living Now Foods Gluten Free Giveaway – go ahead enter!

Disclosure: This post was created as part of the #LivingNowFoods 30 Day Gluten Free Challenge in which I am a financially compensated blogger ambassador for Living NOW Foods. The opinions are my own and based on my own experience.


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