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Lemonade Stand for Charity

Lemonade Stand for Charity

One of my favorite memories of childhood was having a lemonade stand. I would mix up some sort of powdered lemonade, make a sign and sit out front with some friends. We would make (on a good day) a few bucks because back then we were selling a glass for $0.10.

I’ve seen a few kids doing lemonade stands in the neighborhood or at the shore this summer. The lemonade is still the same but the prices have changed a bit. Instead of $0.10 a cup it’s $0.25, $0.50 or even a dollar a cup.

When the lemonade stand is over the kids split the money and head to the dollar store or put it in their piggy bank for a rainy day, which is fine but I also want to encourage them to give to charity. One of the things I try to teach my boys is that they are so blessed to have a family, shelter, food on the table 3 times a day, different clothes to wear daily, their health….. the list could go on and on. So instead of the boys keeping the money they earned from the lemonade stand we decided to donate the money to Charity. There are a thousand charities to give too and you don’t have to pick one. With our first lemonade stand we chose to help one of my favorite charities Shot@Life.
We made the sign, set up the table, made HOMEMADE LEMONADE, cookies, shot a video and placed it on FB to promote our sale, and the boys even wanted to sell some of their soon to be famous art work. LOL

The day was a bit yucky so our stand didn’t last long, we got a few neighbors to buy some lemonade and art work and we decided to match their earnings.  Afterwards together we went to the Shot@Life Donation site and I showed the boys exactly where their money was going.  We talked about the amount of money we had for donation and how it would help someone. Now when my son counts to 20 he says “someone died, but we saved someone too.”


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