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Homemade Crayons

One of my favorite things to do is make homemade Valentines. When preparing for Valentines Day as parents we always have the task of getting Valentines for our kids to pass out in school. I want my kids to feel apart of the process, not just signing their name on a card. We have made several different types of Valentines throughout the years but this year was extra cool. We made homemade Heart Crayons  I love that we are reusing old crayons to make new ones, both of my boys could help with every aspect of the project and they felt ownership of their own Valentines.

Valentine crayon logo
My oldest and I went shopping for all the materials at JoAnn’s so he picked out the color paper we used for the tags, the stickers for the back and even the baggies to hold the crayons in. Once we go home we started in on the project by taking the paper off a zillion crayons…I have to say it wasn’t as bad as I thought, once we got started it got really easy. The boys even started counting all the crayons they did, versus what I did.

Valentines crayons  2I put 5 pieces of crayon into each mold

Once all the crayons were peeled and broke we placed them in the oven at 250 for 15 minutes. Once they were melted in the heart molds, we let them cool (to make it faster put them outside for 10 minutes).

To package the heart crayons I used small candy bags and for the tags I used a scalloped circular cut out press and cut out as many circles as I needed. I got blue printable labels from Paper – Source then printed From Jackson or Finnegan. We also bought candy heart stickers to seal the envelop.

Materials needed for packages the hearts

Valentine Crayon materials
Putting the heart stickers on the back of each bag

Valentine Crayon instruction

The Finished Project

Valentine Crayon finished

Do you make or buy Valentines? Need more Valentine inspirations check out my Valentines Day Pinterest board for lots of fun ideas.



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