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Helping the Hungry in Philadelphia & Nationwide

hunger photoI recently was able to see first hand all the amazing work Philabundance has done for the hungry in the Philadelphia area. If you have never heard of Philabundance, its a nonprofit food distribution system that started in 1984. The goal of Philabundance is to reduce waste and fight hunger in the Delaware Valley. In 2005 they integrated with the Philadelphia Food Bank and is now the regions largest nonprofit relief organization.




The day I was invited Philabundance along with Champions for Kids worked together to get 30,000 pounds of chicken donated to the organization from Tyson Foods. The donation is part of the Champion for Kids “Be a Hunger Hero” campaign. Champions for Kids also did two other donation drops, one in New Jersey and the third in Washington DC.

This campaign will help tremendously, because one main thing disadvantaged children lack is protein because meats are more expensive to buy, therefore many go without. I personally cannot imagine going hungry or having my children go without proper nutrition, I feel very blessed because we are so lucky to be able to provide nutritious meals daily to our children but so many do not have consistent access to food. It’s hard to say how we could solve the hunger problem in the United States but by raising awareness about the seriousness of this challenge and helping those in need does make a difference.

Philabundance provides food to approximately 72,000 people per week and is able to provide 2 meals for each dollar donated. As a Philadelphia resident and parent I feel it’s my duty to not only help others but provide opportunities for my children to help others. Philabundance has volunteer opportunities for adults and children.

Philabundance has many programs that help others such as Supplemental Food Program, Fresh for All, Grocers Against Hunger, Philbundance Community Kitchen, Fare & Spare and one of my favorites KidsBites.  Philabundance has partnered with schools in the Philadelphia area to provide access to nutritious foods for those families with students in those schools. Food is distributed once a month, allowing families to choose available food options, including fresh produce, protein and dairy.

March is National Nutrition Month and there are many (simple) ways to help others in need. For instance Feeding Americais partnering with Sams Club to help local food banks. If you live in the Philadelphia area you can learn about the Philabundance programs and the national programs Champions for Kids has to offer. The easiest thing you can do is FREE! Share with your friends and family, spread the word about the need for nutritious food options for families not only in the Philadelphia area but nationwide. It only takes a moment of your time to make a real difference in someone else’s life.

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