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Healthy Edible Snowman Food Craft

We are having so much this winter during our preschool “Cook & Book” cooking classes. We try to always keep our recipes on the healthy side to encourage kids and their parents to serve healthier options when possible and to “think outside the box” like what we did with these healthy edible snowman food craft. Instead of using marshmallows we used bananas with other fruits.

Healthy Edible Snowman Food Craft with Bananas

This simple food craft can be a fun way to keep those little ones busy on those cold days when you can’t go outside or when you are wishing for snow but don’t have any to make a real snowman.

Healthy Edible Snowman Food Craft

Many times before doing a craft or cooking project I like to read a story to the children, even with my own kids. It’s a fun way to get them intrigued and excited about what we are going to do next.  One of my favorite winter books to read is “All You Need for a Snowman” by Alice Schertle. It’s a fun book how children can work together as a team to build the greatest snowmen ever. The book encourages the children to use their imagination and make their own unique creations just as you can when creating something in the kitchen, art or life in general.

all you need for a snowman book

When making your healthy edible snowman you can get as creative as you want to be. We kept it pretty simple because of the age of the children and food allergies. As always set up the station so your mini chef has everything they need to get started.

Ingredients Needed 

3 Slices of banana

2 thin prezel sticks

1 carrot slice for nose

11 mini chocolate chips for eyes, mouth and buttons ( plus some extra for them to munch on)

1 half slice strawberry for hat

snowman edible craft ingredients

Then on their own they can create their own edible snowman.

Healthy Edible Snowman Food Craft assemble

In their own unique way.

Edible snowman food craft

Looking for other healthy edible snowman recipes or healthy snacks for the kiddos? Check out my Healthy Snacks Pinterest page or Cooking with Kids for new and exciting inspirations.

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  1. This is my favorite way to do snack time with my kids! It’s so fun to pair a story with an edible craft. Love the snowman!

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