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Growing Celery in Water

growing celery logoI’ve prepared my garden and soil/compost mix is being delivered tomorrow so I am in high gear to start planting some veggies and herbs this weekend. One of the things I like to plant is celery but it’s too late for me to start from seed and I’d like to know where my plants come from so I am trying something new this year. Planting the end of my organic celery heart.
I did some research and couldn’t believe how easy it looked. So the next time you want to throw that celery heart in the compost bin, think again because you could turn that into another celery plant. Here is how to do it….

Now you don’t need a garden, you can plant it in a large pot and place it on your porch or deck.



Cut the Celery Heart about about 3 inches from the bottom.

 Place the Celery Heart in a shallow bowl of water so it stays moist for at least 24 hrs or up to 3 days

 Either in a nice size planting pot or box or in the garden dig a hole a little bit larger than the Celery Heart. Place the Celery Heart in and cover with soil.  Water and wait.

You will see results within a week but it should take about 6 weeks for the Celery Plant to be full grown. You can plant a Celery Stalk each week so you have celery throughout the growing season.

Tips on Growing Celery

You can plant celery in early Spring – week or two before the last frost date. Shoot – should of done this back in early March considering the mild Winter we had. Celery doesn’t like it really hot so if you want to long in the Spring then plant in the very late summer early fall.Choose a sunny site that is convenient to water, because celery requires constant moisture. If possible, allow space between rows for a shallow trench that can be flooded with water in dry weather. Dig in a 1-inch layer of rich compost and a standard application of a high-nitrogen organic fertilizer, such as dried poultry manure, and water well.

If you are planting more than 1 stalk at a time then space celery plants about eight inches apart to let them reach their full growth. Using Mulch or Hay spread a light layer around the bases of celery plants in the garden when they are at least six inches tall. This will help keep down weeds and help the plants retain their much-needed water. Take care when weeding around celery; do it by hand, not with a hoe, and keep a sharp eye out to avoid damaging celery’s shallow roots.

For more information on growing Celery Mother Earth News is my go to favorite!

Got any good gardening tips or tricks, share your link here!

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  1. Kim (DESIGN + LIFE + KIDS) June 10, 2014 at 12:55 pm #

    How fun! I definitely want to try!

  2. Sarah H July 12, 2015 at 8:36 pm #

    Oh, I really want to try this with my kids!!

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