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On the Go Foods for Babies and Tots

on the go foods for babies and totsTraveling can be challenging when you have a baby especially when you want to give them the best possible foods out there. Traveling can be tricky because foods that you normally give your child may not fare well on the road or can’t be taken on a plane. I hope these ideas inspire you to continue those healthy eating habits while not at home.

The first thing you need to before travel begins is make a meal plan for your baby. When doing this it saves you time, money and is much less stressful for you and baby. You can pre-make foods to take with you for the trip such as homemade applesaucehomemade yogurt, baby food which can be stored in BPA FREE containers . You can even make teething biscuits, which are perfect for teethers. To get those veggies in, pack frozen small veggies in a container and serve to your child at room temperature.

If you don’t have the time or will not be able to bring those types of items with you then you will need to do the next best thing – buy non gmo organic foods for your baby. Here are some of my favorite brands that make healthy foods that are perfect for on the go.

Happy Family offers many choices for babies, kids and now even adults. They have many products that are perfect for baby meals. Happy Family also has a wide variety of baby snacks that come in handy for any type of travel. Their Happy Baby Pouches require no refrigeration so you can pop them in the diaper bag or pack in the suitcase.

Did you know that you can serve a baby yogurt as early as 6 months? Stonyfield offers first yobaby yogurt suitable for the littlest eaters. You can even mix the yogurt in with applesauce or Happy Baby Pouches for a complete meal.

Babies can be fussy especially when teething. No one wants a miserable baby in the car or plane. My choice for teething biscuits are Healthy Times Organic Biscuits . They come in a few flavors and are easy to transport.

When packing up your foods for travel, use a PVC FREE insulated tote. You want to avoid bags made with PVC because it contains a type of vinyl that has chemicals called plasticizers, which are known to interfere with hormone function.  You can purchase PVC FREE bags at many places including Skip Hop and ECOlunchbox.

So whether you make your own food for the trip or buy it you can now make healthy choices to keep your baby safe and happy during traveling times.

Do you have any inspiring tips that you would like to share? We would love to hear how you keep it healthy while on the road.

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