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Global Mom Relay – Connecting through Social Media

global momGlobal Mom Relay connects moms everywhere through the power of Social Media to help women and children.  As we all know, mothers are the most positive change for women and children in today’s world. Global Mom Relay brings mothers together to share advice, stories and inspiration about motherhood. This virtual relay’s goal is to improve the lives of women and children around the globe.




Global Mom Relay was created by UN Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, Baby Center, The Huffington Post and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which brings together 60 days of online conversations, rallying networks of people around the world to join in the relay by commenting, sharing their own stories and making donations by taking action. It’s so simple; just go to the UN FoundationBaby Center or The Huffington Post daily to see what story is shared that day. Click on the social media link that you would like to use when sharing then share to your online community. When you do this simple act, you are automatically unlocking a donation of $5.00. That’s it – see how easy that it. Each time a person shares a relay post on Facebook, Twitter or email a $5 donation up to $8,000 a day or $500,000 total will be donated by Johnson & Johnson and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to one of the four innovative efforts that are helping women and children lead healthy and happy lives.


   *  Nearly 7 million children under the age of 5 will die from preventable diseases each year

 * Every 2 minutes a woman dies from complications related to pregnancy

 * There are more than 600 million adolescent girls living in developing countries today that are unable to reach their full potential.

*  2 out of 5 children die during the first month of life

*  2 million women and children die every year because of poor cooking situations globally

Please join me in the fight to educate, inspire and save women and children around the world. It only takes a second to make a huge difference. You can also follow along on my journey as a Shot@Life Champion and learn more about ways you can advocate for women and children in your local area by going to

See today’s Global Relay article written by Ann Curry  on how moms can change the world. Remember to share with your community to unlock a $5 donation to the Shot@Life Foundation.

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