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Glam VS Rustic Camping

Glam vs Rustic camping logoWe are gearing up for a weekend full of bug bites, no sleep, chance of getting rained on, cold shower or maybe no shower, dirty feet, crying kids because they are either too hot or too cold and smelling like campfire for 2 days. Have you guessed what we are doing yet? You got it…camping! Seriously though, I LOVE to camp. Despite all the negative things I just said, it’s full of wonderful things too..being in nature, cooking over a campfire, smores, listening to crickets, being a little chilly (love bundling up) waking up early, and basically turning the real world off for 2 days. 




There is nothing like roasted Marshmallows!

Some people tend to go bare bones when camping. Our friends that we are going with us most of the time use what they can carry into the campsite. Others may need to bring a very large moving truck to store all the things they need for camping. Which category to you think we are in? You’ve guessed it…the moving truck! No, we are not taking a moving truck but we may have to strap the kids to the top of the wagon. LOL

I have to say I like to be comfortable when camping, if I had my choice I’d have a pop up camper. Then all of our stuff would be stored in one place.  I’d have a nice indoor place to cook, sleep and eat. Some of those pop ups even have their own bathroom and shower…NICE! Until then we have resorted to piling everything in our wagon. I think we all will be sitting on pillows during the 2 hr car ride…but at least our bottoms will be comfy! 

Our campsite last year

One of the things that I get teased about is how much I pack. I need certain things like air mattresses, tables for food, screened tent for the food, candles, table cloths (who wants to eat on dirty picnic tables), and I hate to have my bare feet on grass or dirt so I lug an area rug. Yes…you got it, a rug! My husband thinks I am crazy, my friends laugh but let me tell you…if you ever camp with me you will be very comfy and pleased when you can take your shoes off and relax with a nice clean rug under your feet. Think of it as a outdoor living room.

So we are off today for a fun filled weekend of being in the outdoors but bringing a little of home with us too! After reading this you know that I am a refined camper, what type of camper are you? Refined or Rustic??? Is this too much to ask? 


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