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Fun for Kids at the Penn Museum

Parents want their children to learn something, and kids just want to have fun. The best way to please both parties is to take your children to a kid friendly museum. Recently I had the opportunity to explore the Penn Museum with my kids. We all had a blast and at the end of the visit they were able to write like an ancient Egyptian, fight in dangerous tombs like Indiana Jones, and travel through time between China and Egypt. 







Learning about an Egyptian King’s life and death

A favorite part of the day – learning how to write as the Egyptians

The Penn Museum has many opportunities for kids to learn, explore and HAVE FUN! A museum membership would be a perfect give for any family. It’s a gift that will last throughout the year and the opportunities to explore and have fun are endless. The best type of gift is the gift of a wonderful experience. By giving your children different experiences that you can share together as a family which I feel is far better than a toy.

What type of experiences are you planning for your children in 2014?

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