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FOOD DAY 2013 – Support Food Education

Today is US Food Day. Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and Food Day is wanting to raise awareness about the importance of food education in schools across America. This campaign provides a chance for us to talk about how food education should be a part of the school curriculum. Children need to know where food comes from, and when that falls into place we can focus on having children get into the kitchen for some hands on cooking to taste new healthy foods daily. Food Day believes that every child should have the opportunity to learn about, how to grow and cook food. Once children have the knowledge and the tools they can begin to lead healthier lives.


* Children are more likely to eat healthier foods when they have been educated on nutrition

* Children that get into the kitchen and help prepare healthy foods are more likely to eat healthy foods

* When children plant, take care of and harvest their own foods they are more motivated to eat those same foods.

Now that one third of the children in the United States are overweight or obese it’s more important than ever to teach children about healthy nutrition. By changing the way our children eat we are saving their lives. As a result of obesity related diseases, this generation of children are predicted to be the first to die at a younger age than their parents……WE NEED TO CHANGE THAT!


* Ditch processed, sugar filled foods with real foods. The best thing we can do as parents is to lead by example, if our children see us eating healthy and serving healthy meals then the children will want to try those healthy foods too.

* Get your local school involved. Schools play important part in educating our children in academics, we also need to encourage our schools that cooking skills and food knowledge is important too.

* Take the pledge to support and share your belief that food education should be available for every child, in every school in America. By getting food education in schools we are raising awareness of the importance of food education.

* Host a food event in your area. It can be as simple as inviting friends over for a potluck and make the theme – REAL FOOD or SEASONAL EATING. If you want to make it something bigger, do a community event such as organizing a vegetable identification contest at your child’s school. Work with your PTO and organize a back to school night on healthy eating and how our dietary choices impact the environment, the health of farm workers and the treatment of animals.

Most importantly is to start educating yourself and your family on how food can affect our lives. Food Day doesn’t just happen on the 24th of October but year round nationwide by eating real foods and campaigning for more healthy, affordable, sustainable foods for our families. You can get involved by heading to the FOOD DAY website.

Eat well and stay healthy!

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