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Flavoring Coffee Naturally

Flavoring coffee naturally 1
I love my coffee, I need at least 2 cups in the morning and in the winter I tend to have a cup in the afternoon or early evening..mostly because I am freezing but also because having that cup of coffee just relaxes me. Since the HUGE desire for flavored coffee emerged I noticed many of the flavored coffee’s are Artificially flavored. Yes, it smells amazing when brewing but what are you really putting in your body, I for one don’t want to start my day by putting anything artificial in my mouth.

So I started to do a little research on coffee flavoring and what is REALLY in those artificially flavored coffees.
Side note…my husband hates when I start researching anything because he then knows that another change is going to happen in our household. 



Here are a few things I found in my search of the birth of Artificially Flavored Coffee...

* coffee beans you buy are impregnated with artificial flavors from high-tech chemistry labs. Do you really think they can naturally flavor your coffee that taste like cheesecake?

* When you buy flavored coffee beans, the flavoring has been added after the roasting process.

* They flavor your coffee chemically by using  propylene glycol.The propylene glycol acts as a medium to help the artificial flavoring make its way into the bean.

* Propylene glycol is a supposedly safe food additive, but it does stay in the bean and also adds a rather unpleasant, chemical sweetness to the taste.

* So when you buy those exotic, flavored coffee beans, you end up drinking the coffee, the propylene glycol and the lab-created artificial flavoring.

My Question…how can I flavor my coffee naturally?

* When brewing your coffee sprinkle cinnamon, pumpkin spice or nutmeg into the coffee

* You can also add cocoa or finely cut vanilla pods while you’re brewing

* Purchase all natural syrups to flavor your brewed coffee

Your coffee may not taste like Cheesecake but at least you know it’s all natural. Check out this company that does sell flavored coffee without the use of propylene glycol,  Flavorbean Coffee.

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