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Finger Knitting with Kids

Finger Kinitting with KidsIt’s another FUN FRIDAY! Finger Knitting is something you can do at any point during the year. It promotes creativity, self confidence and giving to others. What interesting and creative activities do you have to keep kids busy without placing them in front of the TV or video game? Link Up (or comment with) your activities so we can become inspired by you to get creative with our kids. Remember we are only young once!

 One day as I was walking around The Walden School I started to noticed something – lots and lots of scarves that were being worn by the children, teachers and parents. They all looked a bit similar but were creativity designed by different children. I then did some digging and found out that my son’s 2nd grade class as well as most of the elementary was finger knitting.I asked my son if he was making scarfs, I was shocked to see his reaction – he put his head down and started to tear up.  We sat down together and he explained to me that he didn’t know how to do it. I asked if the teachers and other students tried to teach him, he said yes but was really down on himself for not being able to do it. To give you a VERY short version – my son has been dealing with a lot of anxiety and self esteem issues that we have been working on. He is working on ways to cope with his anxiety with the help of some amazing teachers and therapist. We continue to try to boost his self confidence any chance we get.  I was determined to teach him how to finger knit.That afternoon we went to the Sewing Club that Walden provides to see how to do it, because I for one had no idea. Jackson and I were going to learn together. We then headed start for Jo Ann’s to pick out some yarn. We each got want we wanted and headed home to figure out finger knitting together. We searched You Tube for tutorials and found one that was simple to follow along. After a good 20 minutes of watching the video and attempting to finger knit – he FINALLY got it. I still was learning, and he then showed me.

The look on his face when he realized that he “figured it out” was priceless. He was SO PROUD of himself and actually said – Mom, I feel really good about myself. What a way to tug at a mother’s heart. Jackson then was on a mission to complete a scarf for my mom and would give her it when he saw her next. He not only completed his but the one I was doing to. Jackson will continue to take finger knitting up to his room and knit before bed or when he is feeling a bit overwhelmed. He enjoys it, and I love seeing him feeling good about himself because of the things he has accomplished.
 Recent neurological research tends to confirm that mobility and dexterity in the fine mother muscles, especially in the hand, may simulate cellar development in the brain, and so strengthen the physical foundation of thinking. Finger knitting often calms children down with its rhythmical way. Knitting provides a way for children to sooth themselves when frustrated, angry or just having a bit of a hard time of the day. Children can also engage with social peers and be productive at the same time. By knitting concentration is awakened and the degree of attentiveness is amazing – especially for boys ages 7 & 8.  This training in concentration helps with problem solving skills which will help later on in life.

Children can also get a sense of what it feels like to accomplish something from beginning to end. They can see the progress they have made which encourages them to keep going. It takes no time at all to knit a 4ft long scarf which can be given as a gift to a family member or friend. You can also donate your creations to difference service project throughout the United States. By doing this, you are teaching your child to give back to someone in need.

Knitting Service Projects

Caps to the Capitol

Knit a Square for Orphans with AIDS

Project Linus

The Santa Train

More community service projects on the Interweave Knits website.


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