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Favorite Earth Day Books for Kids

Earth day books for kids
I first was introduced to Dear Children Of The Earth in 1994. I was teaching Montessori preschool and kindergarten in Michigan. I had this little boy Andrew in my class, he was so sweet and had the personality that everyone would want. He gave me this book as a end of the year gift, and I just fell in love with it. Year after year I would read this same book to the children in my classes, and every time I would open the book and see Andrew’s hand written name in it, I would think of him and wonder how old he would be and where you might of been. It’s funny how those little things like seeing his name written inside the book or even the cover of a book can make you remember the past. Good and bad. Since having my children it’s been a tradition that I now read it to them, I find that this book says it ALL…better than I ever could. 




Dear Children of the Earth: A letter from Home is the first book created by world-renowned artist Schim Schimmel. In it, Mother Earth is writing a letter to her children, the humans, asking them to please remember to take care of her. She has provided so much for her children and takes care of them. Mother Earth points out that when we look into the mirror, we only see ourselves. But when she looks into the mirror, she sees all of the animals who live on her. And she reminds us that we are all one big family.

Mother Earth points out how we “humans” have been destructing her gifts as they carelessly cut down trees in forests, thus taking away so many animal homes. We are dumping garbage into the rivers and oceans, polluting the waters that sustain so many. We are not realizing how strong the impact of one person actually is, whether it be positive or negative. Mother Earth hopes that her children will strive for the positive impacts.

 Mother Earth asking for help from children everywhere. She writes to express her love for each and every child and asks for their love and appreciation in return. In her own words, and with all of her heart, Mother Earth enfolds children with love and entrusts them with her protection. Hers is a message for today and forever

The paintings that illustrate this book are those for which Mr. Schimmel is most famous. He paints the masterful creatures of the wild in natural environment and the beauty of the Earth, all rolled into one. A picture is worth a thousand words – this book speaks volumes. Which is why I still reach for this book, not only on Earth Day but throughout the year, it’s a great book to help your children to show empathy, kindness, and to be an all around good person. I strive to have caring boys that love every creature on Earth…big or small.

Here are some of my other favorite Earth Day books for kids….

How to help the Earth by the Lorax



How to Help the Earth-by the Lorax  – After explaining how the trash in a waste basket ultimately ends up in a landfill or incinerator, the Lorax suggests realistic ways children can reduce waste, such as by carrying a lunch box, donating old clothes and toys, sharing magazines with friends, recycling cans and bottles, and using rechargeable batteries.




Compost Stew


Compost Stew – Kids have learned about saving the earth but can you use that knowledge to good use. This book shows children how do you start a compost pile? What’s safe to include? Perfect for an Earth Day focus or year-round reference, this inviting book provides all the answers for kids and families looking for simple, child-friendly ways to help the planet.




Our Big Home



Our Big Home – is a beautifully illustrated celebration of the air and water and soil and sky and sun and rain that we all share! This is a clear and direct concept book about the coexistence of human beings with other living things in this big home we call Earth.





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3 Responses to Favorite Earth Day Books for Kids

  1. Mary McKenna Siddals April 22, 2014 at 1:12 pm #

    I’m delighted to find my COMPOST STEW spotlighted as one of your favorite Earth Day Books, and thank you for such an enthusiastic review!

    • Trina April 22, 2014 at 1:42 pm #

      You are very welcome Mary! We have been composting for a few years and I love to show my children and hopefully others how much fun it can be and great for the earth too. Do you have other children’s books?

  2. Mary McKenna Siddals April 22, 2014 at 7:02 pm #

    I do! I have several other books, and thank you for asking, Trina:–activities.html

    Thanks again for your kind words about COMPOST STEW, and keep up the great work spreading a little green in the world…

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