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Fall Garden Party Ideas

A few weeks ago I hosted a Fall Garden Party. The Fall Garden Party is to celebrate fall and to replenish the earth for spring. I wanted to not only encourage myself to become more active in the garden in the fall but I was encouraging others to plan ahead for a beautiful spring garden. This is a great opportunity to get your girlfriends together for a fun night out. Below you will see how I hosted my party, but when hosting your own put your own spin on it so it fits your and your guests.


INVITE FRIENDS – I did a simple evite that I sent to a group of friends. Originally it was going to be a outdoor party but we had to move it indoors because the weather was rainy. I would stick with inviting between 1- 20 people depending on your space. When inviting friends explain what the garden party is all about. Make sure you mention that everyone needs to bring in 1 bag on bulbs to contribute to the party.

MAKE IT POTLUCK – There is no need to break the bank and provide everything yourself. Ask friends to bring appetizers, drinks, salads and desserts. I provided the main dish which was a Mac and Cheese station and some wine.

PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING – Set up the area where the garden party is going to take place. I used my dining room table since it was the largest space in my house. I used pots to display the bulbs and centered the table with a fresh fall flower arrangement. I also had the house decorated for fall/Halloween to make it festive.

BULB BUFFET – As your guests arrive take their bulbs and place them in the pots. Once everyone is there you can start the bulb buffet. Each person gets a paper bag where they can put their name on. They then will go down the line and choose 3-4 bulbs each of the ones they want. If you have a ton of bulbs they can choose more, it just depends on the amount of bulbs and people you have at the party. When each person is done picking their bulbs they will have between 30-40 different types of bulbs to plant in their own home.

I did have a little help to make my party a success. It’ not necessary but it made the party a lot of fun. I partnered with the Garden Media Group from Kennett Square. The Garden Media Group is a PR agency that works with gardening companies throughout the US. They were so generous and gave me many different products that I could introduce  and giveaway to my guests.



Longfield Gardens is from Lakeview NJ. They provide a zillion different kinds of bulbs that you can plant in the spring or fall.

RESCUE! Pest Control – I had never heard of anything that keeps stink bugs away. Not only do they protect your home and yard from stink bugs but also wasps, hornets, yellowjackets and flies. They are socially and environmentally responsible and very low maintenance.

NativeCast – This is such a great gift idea or to do with your children. NativeCast is based in Delaware and provides many different eco-friendly products to their clients. I was provided with a casting kit where you can make your own planter out of a eco-concrete mix. It also comes with organic potting soil, and 3 seed herb pack. Besides being a sustainable company they also give back to various charities.

Suntory Annuals – Suntory gave us these fun tank tops that are perfect for gardening or working out. Suntory is an award winning international flower breeder. Suntory originally came from China but has been in the US for the last 25 years.

Green Cycler – I was given the Green Cycler about a month ago to try out on my own. I’ve been composting for some time and thought this new composting system was interesting. What really got me excited about the Green Cycler is that it makes compost 10x faster than the traditional compost system. The Green Cycler shreds, stores organic waste and reduces green waste volume by up to 80%. The website also has some fun interactive things to do with kids. The best way to teach our children about taking care of the environment is to lead by example.

Get in the gardening spirit and throw your own Fall Garden Party. It will encourage you and your friends to get outside and dig in the garden. In the spring you will be smiling at all the beauty in your yard, and thanking yourself for the time you took to plant the bulbs in the fall.

What are your favorite types of bulbs to plant? Got any tips you would like to share about Fall Gardening? We would love to hear them.




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