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Essential Oils

We’ve all heard of essential oils and some may already use essential oils in your daily lives. I dabbled in essential oils off and on for awhile and then I knew I wanted to start using them seriously. I started doing a TON  of research on the best essential oil company for me and my family. Anyone that reads my website, goes to one of my cooking classes or knows me IRL can tell you that I am constantly looking for ways to keep my family healthy. As a family we’ve been eating mostly organically grown, non genetically modified foods and using non-toxic cleaning products that will keep our bodies healthy and home safe from harmful toxins.

For me stepping into the world of Essential oils was the next step to a healthier life for me and my family. One of the main reasons why I wanted to begin with essential oils was because of my constant headaches. I seriously popped advil daily and seasonal allergies were killing my entire family. I hated using over the counter drugs. I thought…I am trying so hard to eat the right things, clean with the right products so why I am using products with harmful chemicals when sick?  Once I learned that I could literally ditch the drugstore by using essential oils I was more than happy to give it a try.

Revelation 22-2

After I got my set of oils within a week my son started feeling yucky. The typical sore throat, fever, headache, congestion that goes along with seasonal allergies and viral infection. I cannot express enough how much the oils helped him and since that moment I never looked back. This is where it gets tricky. Due to FDA guidelines I am not allowed to tell you how I use them on my site. So I will share a bit about the oils and then we can chat through phone or email conversations.

The oils have quickly made their way into our lives. Thieves has helped boost our immune system,peppermint and stress away helped with my headaches (no more advil) and I’ve been able to make my own vapor rubs and hand cream for my horrible dry skin. Here are some other ways the oils can be used for health and wellness.

  • drinking water with Lemon oil to support our body’s ability to detox
  • diffusing and spraying Purification to dispel bad odors and clean pet messes– great for bathrooms, too.
  • mixing Purification with water and witch hazel as a chemical-free bug spray
  • diffusing Lavender and Lemon to make my home smell amazing
  • using Lemon oil to get off tough stickers and labels
  • diffusing Valor to help with sleep and also snoring 
  • putting Lavender on our cuts and scrapes– perfect for dry cracked skin
  • Using Deep Relief for minor muscle soreness and tension – I love using this after I’ve been at the computer all day
  • using Thieves oil to clean our home and hands, plus boost our immunity
  • putting Peace and Calming oil on my son’s feet to help calm him for sleep at night
  • diffusing Citronella outside to keep bugs away
  • drink a mixture of Thieves and Lemon with honey in warm water to soothe scratchy throats –You can also make a spray
  • putting Melrose on my skin for natural skin health

These are just a few of MANY ways you can use the oils.

I know your head must be spinning right?! It’s a lot of information to take in at one time and a big step when you decide to make the leap into using essential oils. There is just so much information and much to consider when diving into something new. Something that you may think is healthy could have synthetic fragrances that could contain hundreds of toxic chemicals and allergens. When you purchase cleaners, perfume or essential oils from unreliable sources they are not always pure. This is the reason why I chose Young Living as my company of choice.

YL Why Choose


Why Young Living? The reason I chose Young Living is because they produce a medical grade oil. How does that happen? Young Living has a very strict and detailed method for producing the oils, every step from planting to bottling is detailed and controlled. This is called the – Seed to Seal process.  Not only do they ensure the optimal bio-active natural compounds are present but they also use a third party to verify that international purity and potency standards are met.

One of my biggest reasons for choosing is because Young Living uses sustainable farming methods and have complete transparency. You can see exactly where their farms are, tour the farms and as a bonus,  they use essential oils for pest control on their crops. Young Living is completely transparent which was a HUGE factor for me personally. Just like my food, I want to know exactly where it’s coming from, and YL does that.

YL Seed to SealWant to start getting into essential oils but have no idea where to start? It’s super easy, just follow the steps below. Just to let you know, if you purchase essential oils via the links below or sign up as a wholesale distributor I will get a small referral fee (no extra cost to you).

Young Living FAQ’s & Buying Information 

Should you do Retail or Wholesale? Do wholesale because you get —-> 24% off retail price, great way to get a discount and by sharing your experiences with friends and family they too might want to try them out, and you then can earn commission. It’s a win-win  for all parties, but it’s also TOTALLY OPTIONAL on your part. If you just want to use the oils, that is totally fine. You have NO OBLIGATION to sell the oils when you join as a wholesale member.

Is there a monthly minimum? Nope! Just order what you want…that’s it! The only thing you need to remember is to retain your “wholesale member” status you will have to place one order around $50 per year. That’s it, nothing else is required – isn’t that GREAT?

How can I save money? Young Living has a Essential Rewards program that offers reduced shipping, generous credit for free oils plus much more. Each month they have great promotions which is a great way to get free oils that you’ve been wanting to try.

Why get a Premium Starter Kit


Interested in purchasing Young Living Essential Oils? Follow the steps below! 

1. CLICK HERE to begin the enrollment process.

2. Select Wholesale Member so you can get the discount! If you’re not interested in becoming a wholesale member, NO WORRIES, simply choose ‘Retail’ and buy what you need that way.

3.  My member # is 2135813. It should auto-populate in the form, but just in case it doesn’t there you have it.

4. Select your starter kit. I promise I’m not trying to upsell you, but you’ll really want to get the Premium Starter Kit because it’s the only one that comes with the 11 Starter Oils AND a diffuser. It really is the best deal. You might also want to add a bottle of the V-6 Oil to your purchase because that helps dilute some of the oils so you can massage them onto your skin.

essential oil and lavender flowers

If you are local to the Philadelphia area and interested in learning more about how to use essential oils for your health and home please connect with me via or 856-979-7645 so we can set up a private appointment or fun class with some friends.

We can work together to create a fun informative night that is geared towards your wants and needs. If you are interested in ways to use essential oils to clean your home then we can focus that, and even make some natural home cleaners too. If you have a new baby and want to learn more about using essential oils on your baby, or ways to use essential oils to keep your body healthy,  then we can do that too – the possibilities are endless!

YL Paypal Option

For the month of August, if you choose to become a Wholesale member and purchase a Premium Starter Kit you will receive 2 amazing books to help you get started using all those wonderful oils. As a bonus if you sign up by August 31st you will receive Grapefruit Essential Oil. So you are actually getting 12 oils!! When joining as a Wholesale Member you will receive 24% off all products and have access to many other benefits that retail customers do not. It is seriously so worth every penny. Just head over to the Young Living Sign Up page and get started using member#2135813.

If you are looking for more Essential Oil inspiration check out my other essential oil creations and head over to my Essential Oil Pinterest board.