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Eco-Friendly Rain Boots

Now that the snow is melting and the Spring rain is upon us here in the Northeast Rain Boots are one of my essential items, for me and my kids. Why you might ask….well I am about to tell you. There are many rain boot companies out there but here are a few that I LOVE, not only are they stylish but eco-friendly too – BONUS!

EcoFriendly Rain Boots

Eco-Friendly Rain Boots 


Not only is ROMA a eco-friendly company from the USA but they practice “Giving Back”. For every pair of Roma Rain Boots sold, a brand new pair along with school supplies is donated to a child in need.

rain boots

KAMIK – Kamik thinks sustainability is good for business and best for the environment. The Kamik Plants use hydro-generated power and their machines are cooled with recycled rainwater. Recycling rainwater saves Kamik the equivalent of 15 Olympic sized swimming pools, yearly. Kamik rain boots are made with 100% recycled boot scraps.
Kamik Women's Olivia Rain Boot
KEEN – Keen is a American made shoe that has been around for ages. Not only do they source their materials sustainablly but they give back. Since they started in 2003 KEEN has given over $7 Million to those in need through their Hybrid Care program.
Keen rain boot
We can still be stylish and be sustainable at the same time during wet weather or really anytime of the year. Hope this guide has helped you and if you are looking for more ideas for eco-friendly rain gear or fashion head over to MY INNER STYLE for inspiration.
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