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DIY Bird Feeder Perfect for Kids

During the winter months we discuss in school and home about needing to help take care of nature when they have a hard time getting food for themselves. Besides throwing bits of old bread out for the animals you can create your own bird feeder. It’s also a great way to keep your little ones busy on those snowy, cold or wet days when they can’t go outside.

Bird Feeder Perfect for little hands

Before the weather is too bad head outside and go on a nature hunt to find just the right type of pine cone for your bird feeder. Make an adventure out of it. You can make the bird feeder the same day or stash them away. This craft will be perfect for the day that you think you will lose your mind because the kids are going stir crazy inside. We made ours just before the blizzard of 2106 hit, and had it out in nature ready for the birds after the snow cleared.

This DIY Bird Feeder Perfect for Kids – You need minimal materials for your bird feeder. 

Crisco – as the glue

Bird Seed – which you can easily get at your local grocery store

Pine Cones – use a few so you can put them on various trees in your yard or even at the park

Ribbon – save all those ribbons that are placed on gifts so you can reuse them for DIY projects

Paint Brush – for putting on the Crisco

Tray or Pan – for the bird seed

Plate – for Crisco

Baggies – If you plan to save it before placing it outside

After you assembled all the materials you are ready to roll.  My advice to you is put the ribbon on FIRST before putting the Crisco and bird seed on. The first one we did came out beautifully but I forgot the ribbon and trying to put it on afterwards was a huge pain.

Bird Feeder Making with Crisco

 First paint the Crisco onto the pine cone. Make sure they cover it completely and there are no lumpy parts. You may need to go over it quickly before putting the bird seed on to smooth it out.

Bird Feeder Making with Bird Seed

Next lay the pine cone on the tray of bird seed and either roll it around or sprinkle the bird seed all over. The kids love this part and it’s pretty mess free because “most” of the bird seed stays in the tray. That’s it. If you are doing this craft with a group of children have labeled baggies ready. Just place the bird feeder in the baggie so they can carefully take it home.

Bird Feeder DIY

Doesn’t it look beautiful with the white snow behind it? I think we will have some very happy birds. Side Note: If you have a dog, make sure you put it high enough up so they can’t get it. Our 10 month old puppy wanted that bird feeder so badly, thankfully he couldn’t jump that high.

Even though we made these bird feeders in the winter you could do this craft anytime of year, because birds always need to eat! Looking for more fun ideas to do with your children? Check out my Kids Crafts Pinterest Board for more information. Enjoy the snow!!

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