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Disney Style for Moms – Comfy & Cute

We are heading to Disney next Wednesday and from what I’ve heard it’s going to HOT! I lived in south Florida for 9 years so I know all about Florida heat but we also had the nice ocean breeze. We WILL NOT have that being land locked in Orlando. This will be our first Disney experience as a family and one thing friends have told me is to pack comfortable light clothes and bring good shoes. I plan on bringing my sneakers since I will be part of a fun run on Sunday but other than that I will wear sandals or supportive flip flops. My motto is – You can be comfy and stylish too.

One thing I’ve planned to do is mix and match outfits which will save space in my suitcase and make my life easier while we are away. I’ve chosen 3 types of outfits that are easy to wear, doesn’t require much or any ironing and will be nice in cool while we are park hopping.

Disney Fashion 1

I love strips and this tank with the black, white and gray makes it very versatile. I’m not much of a sneaker girl so these sandals are perfect for daytime or night with a fun sundress. The rings can be worn together or separate and the necklace falls right to the middle of the chest which gives the plain tank a bit more style. I also love mixing silver and gold together with all the jewels.

Disney Fashion 2

How cute are these colors together?! There is just something about orange and navy that makes me happy. I love these TOM shoes which are so comfy and be worn with any of the shorts.  Again the jewelry is simple and can be worn with many outfits throughout the trip. I love the gold bracelet because it brings the orange back in the outfit. A simple gold necklace paired with a bolder ring makes it a fun accessory. The bag is big enough to hold snacks, lightweight jackets and personal items.

Disney fashion Gray

Now wearing white might not be for everyone, especially if you have real little ones but I love it. The reason being…white goes with EVERYTHING! I suggest bringing a travel stain stick along just in case. Did you notice I have the HOPE necklace with this outfit too but the chain is a bit longer and wearing multiple bracelets gives this casual outfit a bit more style.

Even though we have never been to Disney, we have spent plenty of time traveling and visiting amusement parks as a family.  As I pack I will focus on these things..

KEEPING IT CASUAL & COMFORTABLE – You can still look “put together” without getting fancy. The outfits I chose for the day are shorts but for evening I will wear some fun sundresses and I plan to bring a pair of jeans. It’s best to throw in a light weight sweater, I always wear one on the plane so I don’t have to pack it. Don’t forget a poncho or rain jacket because Florida is known for those late afternoon showers during the spring and summer months.

BACKPACK & CROSSOVER BAGS – Bring a bag or a few that you can double as a purse. You can carry those jackets, snacks and personal items. I love backpack purses or ones that crossover your shoulder. If you have older kids maybe one of them can have a backpack of their own too.

MIX & MATCH – Pack items that can be worn with a bunch of things. Right now I am having a love affair with navy, white and orange. I could wear those colors daily. Any of those colors go with gray, khaki or army green.

BRING SIMPLE JEWELRY – Pack all your jewels in a carrier and bring things that you can wear with more than one outfit.

PICK COMFORTABLE SHOES – Just as clothes I like to bring shoes that I can wear with a lot of different things. If you are purchasing shoes for the trip I suggest breaking them in a bit before you hit the parks so you know if they hurt your feet. Keep band-aids in your bag at all times just in case.

So basically all you need to do is mix and match, pack light and be comfortable. Got any fashion tips that you’d like to share?




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  1. Daisy March 19, 2016 at 2:35 am #

    I love these outfits…. What/ where can I find the shorts and tank tops pictured?

    Thank you

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