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Cooking With Kids – Train Cakes

 My boys are OBSESSED with trains, we have a zillion sets of all different shapes and sizes. For Christmas as a gift they got this great cake pan from Williams and Sonoma that is shaped like 9 different train cars. This pan lends itself so nicely to cooking with kids. Get the kids in the kitchen to make your favorite cake and invite some friends over to a train decorating party. This train theme would also be perfect for a birthday party.

Train cakes

I have to say I was a bit nervous, I thought for sure the cake would either stick or it wouldn’t be as detailed as the pan. I was worried for no reason because it worked like magic, as soon as I flipped that baby over it fell out and not even a little bit of cake stuck in the pan.

 I made homemade frosting for the glue and bought all sorts of little candies for decorations. As you can see its full on candy. It’s not very often that my kids get candy, this was a special occasion so I gave in. Everything in moderation right? The children had their own plate with a train car cake, frosting and candy decorations. They decorated the trains and we packaged them up so the children could take home and enjoy.












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