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Does Cooking in a Microwave Kill Bacteria?

Did you know that 75% of people in the lowest income level own a microwave and that gradually increases to 93% for the highest income level. Out of the percentage how many of those households cook meals in the microwave regularly? Well, let me tell you….that percent that uses a microwave for more than half of their meals is highest with singles at 40% and the lowest in family households at 23%. This doesn’t count for all the bottles, baby food, microwave popcorn and warming up leftovers. 


When you cook your food in the microwave it heats food up from the outside in, not from the inside out like the oven or stove top. That can result in cold spots, which act as small pockets of bacteria that can thrive and when there’s bacteria you will find food poisoning! YUCK!!

Re-heating Foods In a Microwave – follow these steps…

* loosely cover food with a lid so steam can aid thorough cooking and make sure it doesn’t touch the food.
Stir and rotate your food for even cooking. Some microwaves have a turntable for this. If your doesn’t, rotate the dish once or twice during cooking.
*Use a meat thermometer to check the temperature of the food to make sure it is done. Insert the thermometer in several spots.

 Microwave ovens are a time saver, if proper measures are taken to properly heat foods thoroughly. By choice we don’t have a microwave in our house, yes it takes longer to prepare leftovers and we make our popcorn on the stove, but after giving it up I know we are healthier for it.  If you make microwave popcorn please read this – you might start making homemade afterwards.

For more information on food safety please go to and


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