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DIY Wood Floor Cleaner & Polish

We have all hardwood floors throughout our house except for our kitchen and basement. I’ve use many different cleaners throughout the years, some eco-friendly and others not so much. As I’ve cleaned out the nasty products from our home I’ve discovered ways that I can make my own cleaning products with ingredients that I have […]

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10 Uses for Castile Soap

One of the ways to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle is to either purchase non-toxic cleaning and personal hygiene products or to make them yourself. We all know that non-toxic products can be more expensive so the most economical way is to make your own solutions. Castile Soap by Dr. Bronner, can be used for […]

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Cleaning with Baking Soda

Everyone is trying to become more eco-friendly by purchasing earth friendly cleaning products. We are forgetting about one product that we normally use for baking that works wonders on stains, cleaning toys, silverware, countertops, produce, sponges etc.. plus deodorizing refrigerators, gym bags, closets, shoes – the list could go on and on. Baking Soda is […]

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