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Kale and Artichoke Dip

Our family loves snacks and appetizers especially on the weekend during sporting events. One thing I could always get my kids to eat was spinach dip and now I created a new dip that is healthier – This kale and artichoke dip recipe is so easy and I actually like it so much better than […]

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Favorite Earth Day Books for Kids

I first was introduced to Dear Children Of The Earth in 1994. I was teaching Montessori preschool and kindergarten in Michigan. I had this little boy Andrew in my class, he was so sweet and had the personality that everyone would want. He gave me this book as a end of the year gift, and I just […]

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REAL FOOD Menu Plan 4.13.14

It’s Spring Break so the boys and I have plans to hit the road a few days this week and head to Washington DC and New York City so our REAL FOOD Menu Plan will be altered just a bit because of traveling. I also asked every family member to choose one meal that they […]

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Welcome to the NEW – O’Boy! Organic Website

  I am beyond excited and a bit nervous too.  I’ve been wanting a new website for ages, not because I hated my old one but it wasn’t very user friendly and I’ve changed a bit since I started O’Boy! Organic back in 2009….YES, O’Boy! Organic has been around since late 2009. This was my […]

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REAL FOOD Menu Plan 4.6.14

  I almost did it, I almost made every single meal on my menu plan. I was on a roll until today, then the beautiful day and spending 3 hours at a Lacrosse field made me change my menu plan for the day. Instead of Meatloaf we went with “Breakfast for Dinner” – it’s easy […]

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