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Winter Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils

Even though winter has been pretty mild this year my hands are still feeling it. I’ve always suffered from dry hands in the winter, sometimes so bad that I end up with cuts, and boy they hurt. I got tired of spending a bunch of money on different lotions and scrubs to help my dry […]

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Healthy Edible Snowman Food Craft

We are having so much this winter during our preschool “Cook & Book” cooking classes. We try to always keep our recipes on the healthy side to encourage kids and their parents to serve healthier options when possible and to “think outside the box” like what we did with these healthy edible snowman food craft. […]

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REAL FOOD Weekly Menu Plan 1.31.16

I seriously can’t believe it’s the last day of January, where has the month gone? I’ve really been trying hard to use all the foods I have on hand first for recipes before buying new. I guess it’s been working because my SIL came by this weekend and commented on how empty our fridge was. […]

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DIY Bird Feeder Perfect for Kids

During the winter months we discuss in school and home about needing to help take care of nature when they have a hard time getting food for themselves. Besides throwing bits of old bread out for the animals you can create your own bird feeder. It’s also a great way to keep your little ones […]

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5 Food Art Ideas for Kids

Thinking of interesting new foods to feed your kids can be tricky, especially if you have a picky eater. I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to get my own kids to eat healthy foods and those in my cooking classes. We all know that when you involve your child in the cooking process […]

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REAL FOOD Menu Plan 1.24.16

Well we are digging out from Jonas the blizzard of 2016. We have gotten about 2ft of snow. Whenever a snowstorm hits we love to be inside eating all sorts of treats and junk food. Then we need to get back to reality. I will be happy to get out and about and back on […]

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Best Cookbooks For Children

We live in a time when the odds of growing into a healthy adult with healthy attitudes about food and an ability to cook well are stacked against most kids. There is so much attention being given to making children healthier than ever before with TV shows, cooking classes and cookbooks designed just for kids. […]

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REAL FOOD Menu Plan 1.17.16

If you are new here, welcome to O’Boy! Organic REAL FOOD Menu Plan. This is a weekly feature that encourages readers to cook healthy and delicious foods for their families. All recipes are easy to make using real food healthy ingredients. This week’s menu plan is fun and screams Comfort Food! These recipes are some […]

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10 Best Essential Oil Recipes for the Diffuser

One of my favorite things about using essential oils is that I can diffuse them. Instead of candles I now diffuse. Yes, I use the diffuser just to make our house smell nice but there are so many health benefits when using a diffuser. Essential oils can be dispersed in one room or throughout the […]

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Healthy Ambrosia Salad

Every Tuesday I teach cooking to a group of preschool children. Most of them are 3 years old but some are even 2 1/2 years old. Yes, young ones can get into the kitchen too. You need to follow along when making any sort of recipe but with this healthy ambrosia salad the children had […]

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