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Favorite Earth Day Books for Kids

I first was introduced to Dear Children Of The Earth in 1994. I was teaching Montessori preschool and kindergarten in Michigan. I had this little boy Andrew in my class, he was so sweet and had the personality that everyone would want. He gave me this book as a end of the year gift, and I just […]

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REAL FOOD Menu Plan 4.13.14

It’s Spring Break so the boys and I have plans to hit the road a few days this week and head to Washington DC and New York City so our REAL FOOD Menu Plan will be altered just a bit because of traveling. I also asked every family member to choose one meal that they […]

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Welcome to the NEW – O’Boy! Organic Website

  I am beyond excited and a bit nervous too.  I’ve been wanting a new website for ages, not because I hated my old one but it wasn’t very user friendly and I’ve changed a bit since I started O’Boy! Organic back in 2009….YES, O’Boy! Organic has been around since late 2009. This was my […]

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REAL FOOD Menu Plan 4.6.14

  I almost did it, I almost made every single meal on my menu plan. I was on a roll until today, then the beautiful day and spending 3 hours at a Lacrosse field made me change my menu plan for the day. Instead of Meatloaf we went with “Breakfast for Dinner” – it’s easy […]

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Mangoes for Babies

Many Mango varieties are in season at the moment. Mangoes are not the cheapest fruit on the market so its best to purchase in season or frozen. Mangoes are one of the first foods for babies 7 months and older. Mangoes can be very watery so its best to mix with a grain, I also like to […]

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