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5 Ways To Get Rid of Ants Naturally

It’s that time of year again. I am talking about ANTS! ANTS! ANTS! Just the other day we were having a snack and we saw about a dozen ants on our breakfast room table, then heading up the wall. These were not little sugar ants, but big black ants. As I moved our napkin holder […]

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Weekly Menu Plan – Whole30 Week #2

Well, I am now on day #8 of my Whole30 Challenge. I’ve done ok with a few slips here and there. I have to say the dairy is killing me and not being able to have my daily glass of wine is hard. I did have 2 glasses of wine on Thursday and Saturday because […]

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Paleo Friendly Vegetable Frittata

Monday started my Whole30 journey. The first 2 days were rough because of major headaches because of no sugar, it’s getting better as the days go by…THANK GOD! Grains and cheese have been the hardest part for me but, I am getting pretty creative in the kitchen. One thing I did on Monday was make […]

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REAL FOOD Weekly Menu Plan – Whole30

Now that Spring Break and the Easter holiday is over I am ready to reset my body. I’ve mentioned from time to time my digestive issues and how I try to deal with them. I’ve tried various things which help tremulously but I feel I need to detox my body. Normally I do a clean […]

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The Whole30 – It’s Happening People!

As a whole we eat pretty healthy. Almost 100% organic eating mostly real food but my body isn’t feeling great. I’ve had digestive issues for years, actually I think my whole life. Growing up I was allergic to milk until age 7 and wheat until age 2. I don’t think my body digests dairy or […]

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5 Unique Things About The Philadelphia Zoo

We’ve been on Spring Break this week so I’ve tried to keep them busy without being too busy….if that makes sense. Yesterday was the 1st really nice day in the Philadelphia area. It was sunny and in the 60′s which made for an amazing day to head over to the Philadelphia zoo.  We were members […]

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