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REAL FOOD Menu Plan 9.28.14

This is one crazy week! I have seriously over booked myself on multiple days and I am leaving on Thursday for Shiftcon Health and Wellness Conference.  That means I need to prepare meals for a few days this week, plus make sure my hubby has plenty of easy meals for him to make while I […]

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Museum Day Live! September 27, 2014

One thing I love to do with my boys is take them to as many museums as possible. We live in the Philadelphia area and only 2 hours from Washington DC and an hour from NYC so we have some amazing opportunities to experience some of the best museums in the world. Most DC museums […]

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5 Fall Baby Food Combinations

I was out in my garden picking the fall harvest and I got thinking, gosh these foods would be perfect for baby food. There is nothing better than picking your own crops and making them into something delicious for the ones you love. There are so many amazing vegetables and fruits that you can grab […]

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Heritage Farm Fare 2014

My friend Lauryn from The Vintage Mom introduced me to Heritage Farm that is located within the Methodist Home for Children in Philadelphia. Heritage Farm was started in 2011 and provides healthy, fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables for families, children residents and the local community. I was most intrigued with their educational programs and how they offer […]

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Healthier Stuffed Peppers

Do you have a meal that you love but never make? I have one – Stuffed Peppers. Wondering why I don’t eat Stuffed Peppers, I will give you an answer with one word – HUSBAND! My husband is not a fan of anything with peppers.  When I’ve suggested that meal he is never too thrilled, […]

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