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Bambooee Reusable Paper Towel – Review

As we move towards being more eco-friendly in all aspects of our life we continue to find more products that help us make that transition easier. Paper towel has been one of those items that I continue to buy because of convenience but I just hate knowing that we waste 13 billion pounds of paper towels each year in the US. If we just use one less paper towel a day we could save 571,230,000 pounds of paper – wonder what would happen if we just stopped using traditional paper towels all together? Initially I started using SKOY Cloths which use for cleaning dishes and kitchen counters. I love them because they are reusable and washes up really well. One of the newest product we found was Bambooee Reusable Paper Towel sold through Paperless Kitchen (also seen recently on the Shark Tank) which also sells the SKOY Cloths along with other sustainable products for your home.

The Bambooee Towels are environmentally friendly made of organic bamboo, but have the same look and feel as expensive traditional paper towels. They are actually thicker and more durable than regular paper towels because they are reusable. Yes, you can wash and reuse them up to 20 times which replaces 60 regular rolls of paper towels. The Bambooee Towels even come in a roll mimicking how traditional paper towels are normally consumed. 

Well I spent a day cleaning using a Bambooee paper towel and traditional paper towel. I also washed and threw the Bambooee in the dryer to see how it would stand up to both machines. I was happily surprised how well it stood up to the washer and dryer. The only thing I didn’t like about the Bambooee paper towel is that there is no way to reconnect the towels so that you can re-roll them so they fit on the paper towel stand. Other than that I LOVED them and will continue to use them which will save us money and make us even more of a eco-friendly family.

I would love to give you an opportunity to try the Bambooee Paper Towels and also Bambooee Sweeps which are perfect for floor cleaning. Enter in the Paperless Kitchen Giveaway through O’Boy! Organic. You can purchase any Bambooee product through Paperless Kitchen at a 10% discount using this coupon code “paperless10″
I’d love to hear ways that you are moving towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Is it by the food you eat, the products you use for cleaning or personal care or major things like the car you drive….we are still not there YET but all these baby steps are making a huge difference. *** I was given a roll of Bambooee Paper Towels to try from the Paperless Kitchen. As we continue to learn more about learn more about eco-friendly products on the market, I was thrilled to hear about these and have the opportunity to try them out. My opinions are my own and will definitely purchase these – and they would make for a great house warming kit. 


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