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Under Armour Boys Superhero Shirts

Superman Shirt 2

I have two growing boys that are obsessed with sports and superheros. One of their favorite things to wear are t-shirts and running pants. Recently I wanted to take the boys to Washington DC for the day. Take the train into the city, go to a few museums, have lunch, make a total day of it. All I asked was that they choose to wear something other than running pants. My oldest through a fit and refused to wear something other than his running pants. Guess what….we didn’t go to DC. I know it may seem dramatic and a little over the top but the next time I asked for him to wear something other than running pants…he did it, without much resistance.

So 99% of the time (if the kids are not in school) they wear anything sport related or fun t-shirts. They have always LOVED to pretend, use their imagination and be active. Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a Mom Mixer event in Philadelphia where Under Armour had a booth.  I was chatting with their rep discussing how boys could be and their love for superheros.


They showed me the cutest line of Under Armour boys Superhero shirts. I fell in love and knew my boys would too.

Under Armour that has been empowering kids to aspire greatness for years. First with college football and now for the whole family. Their active and outdoor collections allow kids to achieve new levels whether it’s on the field or in the wilderness.

The Under Armour alter ego tees allow kids to be their favorite superhero, use their imagination and help them believe that they can be anything they want to be as long as they put their minds to it.

As a parent, I don’t mind spending a bit more on clothing if I know that it’s going to last through 2 boys – believe me, they are rough on their clothes. Moms can know that Under Armour are well made and will weather all sorts of  active imaginative play, shorts, playing in the mud or hanging at the beach.

One of the best things about Under Armour is that they Give Back.   Under Armour gives back to those who inspire them with their strength through their Power in Pink, Win Global and Freedom campaigns. We can all be inspired by the strength and will of others.

** I was given a Superhero tee as a gift from Under Armour at the Mom Mixer Event. All my opinions are my own. 



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