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Amaranth Grain for Babies

Raw Organic Amaranth Grain in a BowlWhen you begin feeding your baby solids we tend to stick with veggies and fruit purees but continue to go with the commercial brand baby cereals. Making your own whole grain cereals are easy to make and so much less expensive than purchasing. One of my favorite grains for babies and beyond is Amaranth.

The amaranth grain for babies gives important nutrients which helps with brain development, digestive tract and so much more. Amaranth is actually more like a seed than grain. It’s gluten free which is perfect for parents that want to keep what out of their baby’s diet. Amaranth contains more protein than wheat and contains 28 grams of protein per 1 raw cup. Oats are a close 2nd with 26 grams of protein, so why would you ever serve yourself or baby white rice? Amaranth also contains a ton of iron which is perfect for breastfeed babies. Babies are born with enough iron stored in their bodies to last until about 6 months old.

After 6 months of age your baby needs to receive iron in either the foods they eat or formula since breast milk does not contain a lot of iron.  Babies need 11 mg of iron per day or be at risk for iron deficiency, which can cause lasting delays and deficits in cognitive and behavioral development. There is 15 milligrams of iron  in one cup of raw Amaranth which can be easily mixed into your baby meals so that your baby is receiving enough iron per day.

So now that you know how important Amaranth can be in your baby’s diet (and your own) you might be asking yourself – how do I use it? Amaranth can be cooked just like any other grain and used on it’s own or mixed with other nutritious grains such as oats, barley and quiona. If you choose to Amaranth when baking for yourself or older child then don’t solely depend on using the Amaranth grain because it will make whatever you bake too dense. It’s best to add Amaranth as a filler to significantly improve the nutritional quality of your diet.

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