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Affordable Grass Fed Beef Delivered to Your Door

For years I’ve wanted to order a side of beef or even an eighth of a cow from a sustainable local farm but one thing has led to another and it never happened. Instead I’ve resorted to purchasing grass fed beef from farmer markets and or grocery stores, but that can be very expensive. I’ve always wondered how I can make my life easier and less expensive without loosening our standards. Guess what? Now I can and you can too! Families throughout the Philadelphia area can get affordable grass fed beef delivered to your door through Lil’ Ponderosa.


I couldn’t wait until our first combination box arrived. We got a mixture of beef and pork products which suits our family nicely. If you aren’t into pork your just want certain cuts of meats you can easily choose from a variety of products that will arrive on your doorstep in a sealed cooler.

Affordable Grass Fed Beef Delivered to Your Door

Never heard of Lil’ Ponderosa? Well, I didn’t either until recently. Now it’s on my radar and we will be ordering consistently for our family. Lil’ Ponderosa is new farm-to- home grass-fed meat service for Philadelphia and surrounding areas. The sustainable ranch based near Lancaster, PA provides grass-fed meat for its own award-winning farm-to- table restaurant John J. Jeffries, and now offers its meats through special combination boxes and a monthly subscription service. Shop all cuts of beef and organ meat, house-made jerky, and farm heritage pasteurized pork from the neighboring farm.

To achieve the highest possible quality, the beef is raised from a “closed herd” of purebred Black Angus Cattle. They are fed a grass only diet — from birth to harvest, exceeding the requirements of the USDA grass-fed label. They graze and live in a setting free of fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified grains. Lil’ Ponderosa’s farming practices and methods help sequester carbon because they maintain a grass and sod cover – they do not plow which would release carbon into the atmosphere.


Now that you know a little more about Lil’ Ponderosa and how you can get grass fed meat to your door within days of ordering….but how does it taste? Even though I haven’t tried all the cuts of meat yet we’ve had to pleasure to taste a few and our whole family and friends gave it two thumbs up. Some farm meats can taste gamey, the cuts we tried does not. Very fresh with little fat and great taste. I made the skirt steak using this Balsamic marinade which was mouth watering. Even my picky eater. You can either grill the skirt steak or put it in a slow cooker, which is what I did because it was raining the day I made it. Want the recipe? Here ya go –> 5 Minute Balsamic Skirt Steak Marinade

skirt steak

First 50 orders from Philadelphia area will get a $50 gift certificate toward new subscription service available now!

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